A quick google search on transcription services brings up hundreds and hundreds of providers. This can pose a challenge for you to choose the best transcription service.

The solution is to identify and have a clear sense of your expectations from the transcription company. What are your priorities? Will you base your decision more on time or cost of the work?

Various transcription service providers have varying strengths and weaknesses. If you have a transcription assignment at hand, you need to consider a few things before making your decision.

What To Look For When Choosing A Transcription Service

Audio transcription is a service used across various industries. Regardless of the industry, the best transcription company will not only provide a speedy result but also meet all your other needs.

Here are 9 considerations you should make when choosing the best transcription service.

1. Turnaround Time

In any industry you work in, meeting deadlines is extremely important. Therefore, you have to make sure you look for a company that can maintain strict deadlines, regardless of the quantity of work you have ordered.

Some companies will also charge you extra for rushed services. However, some companies don’t. Either way, always confirm if the chosen company will guarantee your transcription work in time.

The best transcription company will usually offer a same day turn around which is very convenient if you’re looking to meet a deadline. It also gives you time to go through the work and ask for any editing you need.

2. Accuracy

Check the quality of service the company offers. A professional company should provide nothing less than 99% accuracy. Naturally, every company will advertise a high accuracy rate to attract clients, so take care to check this.

When you receive your transcript, scan it. If there is anything of concern return your transcript to the company for corrections. All reputable transcription companies offer a return period for corrections. If the issue of poor accuracy persists then consider using another transcription service that offers quality.

3. Simplified Pricing

Select a company that has a simplified payment policy. The last thing you want is to assign work to a company where your price changes at the point of delivery.

Ensure you are not overpaying the company by comparing transcription industry rates for a similar service requirement. A good transcription company will provide you with high speed, high accuracy, with upfront prices.

A combined pricing structure is beneficial because it helps you determine the services you can afford.

4. Confidentiality

Choose a company that has its own transcriptionists who sign contracts with the company including confidentiality agreements. A professional company will protect your data since the staff adheres to a strict comprehensive confidentiality policy.

A professional company has also likely verified and gone through the transcriptionists’ backgrounds. Their internal checks must be rigorous to prevent the leakage of any sensitive data you might need to be transcribed.

5. Qualified Personnel

You should also consider the qualifications of those who will work on your file. Therefore, ensure you choose a company that works with English native speakers, or native speakers of the language you need transcribing.

A native speaker will be able to notice issues such as dialects, slang, colloquialisms, and any other cultural nuances in the interview, providing you with a guarantee of the quality of work they will provide you.

6. Credibility

Ensure you consider the credibility of the selected company. Do not go for the little known companies that cannot verify who they are or where they are based.

Inspect their website for additional information on who the company is and where it originates from, along with a run-through of customer reviews. Customer service is key, which makes customer reviews incredibly important.

Referrals and testimonials can be an important guide to whether a company is worthy of your business.

A credible company must be easy to contact. They need to provide potential clients with phone and email support, to allow you to get the answers you need every time you need to follow up on your work

7. Flexibility

A good transcription company needs to be flexible in terms of meeting your needs. The company you are looking into should be able to handle projects of all types.

If your line of work has a specific transcription template used for all transcription works in the field, ensure the company can handle it before assigning them your project.

8. Value Addition

As you make your decision, check to see if the company provides any complementary or supplementary services you might require. While this is not a prerequisite, it can be useful if you require additional formatting or custom transcription. 

It is likely that a company that offers these value add-on transcript services is professional and established. Some transcription services you may come across also offer copy editing, translating, subtitling, and captioning. 

9. Upload Procedure

Do not go for a company whose website is difficult to use and cumbersome. It can be time-consuming and even confusing to use. Ensure the company you select has an easy and secure upload process.

Choose a company that delivers your transcripts using a secure platform. If you prefer to have your own delivery system such as an API, the company should be flexible enough to allow for this.

Take Your Time When Choosing the Best Transcription Service Company

While the decision can be challenging, especially when you are pressed for time, ensure you take enough time to research the top potential companies. If possible ask the company to provide you with references, especially if you are about to assign them your work in bulk.

Use the tips above to select the best transcription service in a speedy manner, while maintaining accuracy.