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B2B Transcription Services


Way With Words B2B transcription services offer both referral commission possibilities or secure a custom transcription/Speech-To-Text solution to improve your commercial service proposition.


B2B COMMISSION REFERRAL: Audio/video transcription project or client referrals (based on an agreed ongoing referral commission). Sample user: small transcription service/provider with a large volume opportunity they cannot transcribe themselves.

B2B SERVICE SOLUTION: Custom transcription services for services looking to enhance their value proposition (transcripts specifically designed to suit requirement). Sample user: web conferencing service offering a highly accurate transcript after each podcast. 

B2B TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: API and options for integrations as a backend for primary service (transcripts used for custom polishing). Sample user: Speech-to-Text service or STT engine provider that requires machine language/subject/NLP improvement.




Transcription providers/transcribers or individual

  • You are a transcription service provider/transcriber whose capacity and speed to turnaround work is limited or you are an individual with a potential client contact who requires transcription.
  • You have a client request or project opportunity to transcribe hundreds or thousands of hours of audio/video.
  • You may consider options such as automated Speech-to-Text (STT) processing or software but inevitably you would still need a lot of time to edit/process (mostly inaccurate) transcripts.
  • Rather than losing the client opportunity through missed deadlines,​ inaccurate transcripts or simply not taking the opportunity further,​ our B2B transcription services can fulfill this requirement on a referral basis and keep you involved every step of the way.
  • You get a guaranteed commission that we would negotiate with you prior to onboarding the client.

Translation company/translator

  • You are a translation company or translator working with languages from all over the world.
  • Your client needs English audio or video translated to another language,​ but the trouble is,​ rather than having English documents,​ the client has many hours of audio or video speech recordings!
  • Rather than risk a poor level of accuracy at the stage of transcribing the English audio or video or even turning down the project,​ our B2B transcription services partnership can help get the English speech transcribed to English text.
  • You can translate with complete confidence in this media!


Conference manager/trainer

  • You are a conference manager or workshop trainer.
  • Someone missed a conference session or workshop – now they can read the transcript!
  • Some of the attendees/delegates could not take notes fast enough to get all the excellent points you were making – now they can read the transcript!
  • Not only will your clients benefit from the conference or training you provide but you can also offer an added value of take-home material of what was said.
  • Our B2B transcription services let us enhance the value of your service to your clients.
  • Now you can record your events,​ conferences or workshops and provide delegates with a transcript shortly after.


  • You are a research company or business that requires an analysis of focus groups/interviews/polls to determine the value or potential of your or a client’s product or service.
  • To discover how users feel or respond,​ you have conducted hours of interviews and focus groups,​ and you certainly don’t have the hours upon hours it will take to transcribe these recordings.
  • Our B2B transcription services transcribe those audio/video files with complete accuracy so you can get at exactly how the users feel,​ what they say,​ and analyze this data for your clients.


Media software company

  • You are a software/technology company.
  • You offer a recording app,​ video or audio software.
  • You face growing competition from other providers that offer similar products or encounter pressure from your own users to provide a more comprehensive solution of the media processes.
  • Our B2B transcription services will contribute to the value of your service or product by offering transcripts for your clients as required.

AI Speech-to-Text Service/technology

  • You are an AI-driven analytics technology or services technology/company.
  • You offer a technology solution that requires the use of a speech-to-text engine.
  • Your STT engine is designed to support the process of analytics for specific verticals/industry use or provide STT outputs that are offered with your service.
  • Your STT engine is not accurate enough or requires training for specific customer use.
  • Our B2B transcription services can be used to help machine learning processes for specific contexts or conditions. We can also discuss a range of turnarounds and special options to suit your API/ software integrations,​ timetable,​ and your budget.