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B2B Transcription Services


Way With Words B2B transcription services enable you to offer transcription services directly to your clients for an ongoing commission. Way With Words B2B transcription services are developed and completely managed by us to protect your brand,​ while you increase your revenue. Our B2B transcription solution can be customized to operationally “fit” to be part of your product or service offering or as a partnership. Our B2B opportunity offers:

  • Agreed flat commission per minute transcribed (audio or video)
  • Custom transcription services and transcripts for your clients
  • API and options for integrations as a backend into your primary service

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Software companies: As a software technology company,​ you offer a recording app,​ video or audio software. You have an existing market of clients that use your software. Increasingly though,​ you face more competition from other providers that offer similar products or pressure from your own users to provide a more one-stop solution of media processes in one place. A factor that contributes to the value of your service or product will be a partner like us to help provide – with little investment on your part – a video or audio to text solution as a subsidiary service within your software. This can make the difference to the popularity of your service or product while generating additional income for you.

Translation companies: You are a translation company working with languages from all over the world from Japanese to Turkish to Arabic to Yugoslavian. Your client needs English translated to Indonesian,​ but the trouble is,​ rather than having documents,​ he has 17 hours of audio recordings! Rather than turn down the project – let our B2B transcription services partnership help get those additional English audios transcribed into a text document that you can translate!

Conference and Event companies: Maybe you are a training and event services Coordinator. Perhaps someone missed a conference session – now they can read the transcript! Perhaps some of the trainees could not take notes fast enough to get down all the excellent points you were making – now they can read the transcript! Not only will your clients benefit from the training you are giving,​ you can also offer the added value of take-home material. Let us enhance the value of your service to your clients. Record your events. Record your conferences. Record your training sessions. Then immediately afterward,​ upload the audio recording to us and we will return a transcript to you – as quickly as you’d like! We can even have it back the same evening. You can then supply this text document to your clients as a value-added service!

Research companies: Perhaps you are a research company,​ needing to find and analyze the results of a study of users of your client’s products. To discover how these product users feel,​ you have conducted hours of interviews and focus groups,​ and you certainly don’t have the hours upon hours it will take to transcribe these recordings to get at exactly how the users feel,​ what they say,​ and analyze this data for your clients.

We are very happy to do this transcribing for you using our B2B transcription services solutions. And because we have such a large team of dedicated transcribers,​ you tell us what deadline you’d like for these transcripts,​ we don’t tell you!


Unlike most white-label B2B transcription services that simply provide a third-party solution with complete anonymity,​ we can offer a partner arrangement specifically tailored to your company needs. We can also discuss a range of turnarounds and special options to suit your API/ software integrations,​ timetable,​ and your budget.

If you need transcripts to be provided as part of your service offering,​ we are happy to do that for you. If you need the audio transcribing in full verbatim for language analysis,​ we are happy to do that. If you’d like your recorded conference session smoothed out and made more easily readable,​ we are happy to do that as well.


We work with a wide variety of industry and businesses – from technology startups looking to offer a more robust solution for their speech-to-text solutions and accuracy to complementary services in translation or video and TV production that require large volume support or transcription solutions. Whatever your requirements,​ you can contact us through our online customized contact form located on our homepage.

Just fill in the details and we will respond within 48 hours.



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Get access to your files online,​ audio or video.

Keep transcripts for 30 days
(More or less on request).

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