COVID-19 Update: We are still operating as normal. In an effort to battle the spread of the COVID-19 virus all staff members are working off site until 17 April 2020.
While our phone lines are being diverted please get in touch via our contact form. If you are looking to become a Way With Words transcriber, please visit our recruitment site.
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Confidentiality Policy


All work is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. The Company’s client-specific NDA is available upon request. Encryption of transcripts and documents sent by email can be arranged. However,​ the Company cannot guarantee the efficacy,​ security and/or privacy of using email for the conveyance of any transcript,​ correspondence or other communication and consequently does not accept liability for any loss or damage,​ whether direct or consequential,​ suffered by the Service User as a result of any non-delivery and/or breach of confidentiality or privacy resulting from such use.


Transcribers are vetted by the Company’s Recruitment Department,​ required to provide and verify personal details,​ produce a valid form of identification,​ and sign agreements containing strict confidentiality clauses. A copy of the relevant clauses can be made available to a Service User on request.


All PayPal transactions by a Service User and/or the Company are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.


The Company will take reasonable steps to protect a Service User’s privacy. A Service User’s contact details are stored for invoicing purposes,​ and formatting information is stored for workflow purposes. On request by the Service User,​ this information will be deleted immediately. Content sent or uploaded to the Company for transcription is stored for between 90 days and 120 days. Special arrangements for longer or shorter periods can be made upon request. The Company does not make content known to anyone other than its transcribers,​ all of whom have signed contracts and confidentiality agreements with the Company. The Company does not store credit card information provided by Service Users and the Company will not sell or divulge a Service User’s contact details to outside entities for marketing or other purposes.

The Company may,​ from time to time,​ communicate with the Service User,​ using the contact details provided,​ for the purposes of informing the Service User of any changes in the Company’s business operations or of any special price offers or other information which may be of interest to the Service User. The Service User may notify the Company at any time that it wishes to be excluded from such notifications.

A Service User who makes use of the Company’s telephone recording services should be aware that these are provided by a third party Telephony Company for whose operations and policies the Company does not accept liability but which is regulated by official telecoms regulations.

The Company may,​ at its sole discretion,​ provide additional guarantees at the request of a Service User.

This policy is subject to change without notice.