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Now you can earn money online transcribing. Looking got a way to earn an income without getting up and leaving for an office each day? Or perhaps you sit in an office all day but want to earn extra money in your evenings or over the weekends. We know there are a lot of online jobs out there but if you are interested in transcription jobs in particular, then earning as a transcriber for Way With Words could be your answer!

A Flexible Way To Earn Money Online Transcribing

Way With Words transcribers have a great opportunity to earn money online transcribing to increase monthly earnings. If you have spare time in the evenings or on weekends you can join our team and get paid per minute of audio or video you transcribe. You can also transcribe from home full time.

As we work with clients all around the world, in different time zones and with various turnaround expectations for their transcripts, we will have work for you wherever you are and whatever hours you choose to work – whether you are a very early bird or a late night owl. Or have time during your day. And because our clients come from any and all industry sectors (we specialize in being a generalist company), we have a large variety of deadlines and subject matter to offer you.

Reasons To Earn Money Online

These are many positive reasons to choose to transcribe virtually:

  • Transcribers are exposed to different types of projects: it’s like traveling the world from your typist chair!
  • You benefit from the flexibility of hours based on your family responsibilities.
  • You can choose how many minutes of typing you want to commit to, daily or weekly.
  • Do you prefer financial, medical, legal, focus groups, research, sermons, investigations or even interviews? You can choose your subject matter.
  • You can line up transcription jobs with differing deadlines, so you can have a steady stream of work cued on your work page.
  • You are paid monthly directly into your bank account.

How To Start

To apply to join, you need to visit our jobs portal and pass our initial assessment. To prepare, you need:

  • Reasonably good typing speed – the faster you are the more you can earn!
  • Good command of the English language – we will test you on this!
  • An internet connection.
  • A laptop or desktop with a good sound card.
  • Headphones or a headset.
  • If you have any Dictaphone or previous transcribing experience that would certainly be a bonus, though it isn’t a requirement.

So, in a nutshell, transcribers are allowed to work flexible hours, choose their own projects, enjoy work variety, grow their skills, stay busy, and get paid reliably. All with the support of our amazing Way With Words management team!