We are always looking for experienced transcribers with an excellent understanding of language and communications. We are a trusted audio-text services and solutions provider with thousands of clients worldwide in related communications services from healthcare, legal, financial, business, market research, academic research, conferences, meetings to media and telecommunications. We contract general as well as specialist English language transcribers.

Our recruitment and assessment process is one of the most thorough in the business: we contract the best of the best - from beginners to the most advanced and experienced individuals. We work with difficult accents, tackle technical subject matter and accept audio and video or varying quality.


JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How much do you pay?
All details related to our pay rates are provided after you register online with us. Simply select the position that you are applying for and the job details will appear, including pay rates. The number of hours you work per week will depend upon your own availability and skills and our projects.

We have a large number of contractors who are committed to us because of high volumes of regular ongoing work. As an independent contractor, you are free to accept or reject any work that is offered to you.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: When do I get work?
Once you have successfully passed our required tests and submitted the correct application form with the relevant acceptable documentation, you will be contacted by our Operations Department and sent a brief introduction to our management, our work process and our communication practices. This may take up to 14 days from the time of your application. Only after this can jobs be allocated to you.
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How much work do you provide?
As an established company, we continually have large volumes of work throughout the year. However, depending upon which job you apply for, the nature and consistency of the work will vary.

For transcription work the volume of work tends to vary depending on the stream and client base. English Transcription Projects and English Transcription SRT work tends to be project-related and tied to clients in the technology sector requiring bundles of audio processed on a project basis. The volume can be quite high at certain times of the year, while the transcription is usually processed over a long period of time. This stream is, therefore, very suitable for starter transcribers with the base skill set required to be formally registered to work for us. English Transcription Main and English Transcription Advanced streams are more suited to experienced transcribers and the payment rate is, therefore, usually higher. The work is less project-related and the turnaround times for delivery of the transcripts are generally shorter.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: May I work for other companies?
Our transcribers are all self-employed independent contractors who are welcome to work for any other companies. We do not expect exclusivity.
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: If I fail can I re-apply?
You may re-register and re-apply 1 month after registering and attempting any tests.
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: Is there a test time limit?
There are time limits for some of the tests. Once you start an application for a particular category of job you have to complete it within the time limit set. So, for example, the test for English Transcription SRT must be completed within 30 minutes. If you don’t manage to do so you will not be able to repeat it.

Taking the English Transcription SRT example again, if you log out at any time whilst completing the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire, Language Assessment and Audio Assessment you will not be permitted to continue. You may, however, log in and apply in a different job category.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: What is an offline assessment?
After successful completion of the online application, you may be asked to download an assessment pack containing instructions, an audio file (if you are applying as a transcriber) or other files and formatting guidelines.

For transcription, the audio files vary in length between 5 and 20 minutes. You will be required to complete a transcript or transcripts within a specified number of days. The completed transcript should be uploaded using the online application form for which you will receive an email containing a link.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: I passed my test. How do I complete the application?
Once you successfully complete any of our test streams, a short application guide will be sent to your email.

The first link in your email is to ensure that before continuing with your application you open your browser and log into your own account. Once you are logged in, you should go back to the email and click on the second link. This link will then allow you to open the relevant application form because the browser would have you already registered on our system.

You cannot access our application form unless you are using a browser that has logged you in. So, please ensure that you use the same browser to first log in and then click on the application form link.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: What software or equipment do you recommend?
There is a wide variety of software and equipment available in the market for our contractor services. We do not promote any particular brand or make.

It might be useful to look at online discussion forums to read comments posted by contractors that work as transcribers, document specialists, translators, captioners or any of the other skills we contract, for recommendations.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: The transcriber audio test fails to play the sound. Why?
The solution could lie with your internet browser. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for the test. We advise Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, check your internet speeds to ensure that they are at least 1MB/s as the audio may take some time to pre-load on slower connections. Do not click on anything while waiting for any test to open or the screen may freeze.
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How can I find out more about your jobs?
Details regarding the various capacities in which you can work for us, skill requirements and payment terms appear on our website. Select the “Work for Us” link and register a profile first. You can then go to the job application page to read details about the various jobs, remuneration and the different application processes.

Click below to create or log into your account. Once you have an account, you will be automatically redirected to our job application start page. If you already have an account and log in, you will go directly to the job application start page.