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Have a podcast or any other MP3 recording you urgently need to be transcribed into text? Way With Words provides a specialist MP3 to text service with simple turnaround and price options.


A large percentage of transcription involves clients from the scientific, academic, research and legal sectors. So accuracy is paramountMp3 to text transcription, if managed professionally, is perfectly suited to the requirements of these industries. in addition, a combination of speed and conciseness, as well as the easy transfer of data (audio can be sent via countless digital platforms), means that quality and quantity of audio transcribed can be easily increased.

The overall improved quality of Mp3 to text transcriptions means that all of these fields benefit as information is now more efficiently captured. So important decisions can be made with greater ease and better records can be kept for future reference.



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A transcript is a written or printed version of material originally presented in a different medium. In the current era, a common form of audio transcription involves Mp3 to text or transcription. Today human transcribers (and of course AI solutions that offer speech to text, voice to text or audio to text solutions) operate almost exclusively in digital format. Mp3 to text, though, remains a very efficient method for transcription as Mp3 files are easier to record, less likely to be damaged, and much easier to work with or process. In addition, MP3’s can also be quickly created from other formats such as video for transcription. A popular example of this is YouTube – read about converting YouTube videos to MP3. This file conversion ensures higher accuracy and quicker turnaround times when it comes to transcription.

The process of transcribing any Mp3 to text though is still relatively similar to “old school” transcribing. Transcribers (in our case, who are carefully recruited, assessed and vetted) must listen and write down the exact information in the client’s chosen format. As mentioned before, Mp3 recordings are more convenient to work with as a multitude of recording and playback activities are required. Keep in mind also that the quality of an average MP3 recording is high, meaning that the audio tends to be crisper and transcripts are more precise.

Recently, users have also had a wider choice of options to have their mp3 recording transcribed. Read our “how to” convert audio to text article.