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The Transcription Service of Now

Services like Transcribeme Now powered by Way With Words Group are taking modern transcription to an entirely new level.

Transcription is not like how it used to be: a laborious, tedious process requiring shorthand just to keep up with the speaker while avoiding hand cramps. Even with the development of tape cassettes many decades ago, which allowed transcriptionists to replay a tape as frequently as necessary, transcription maintained a reputation that has persisted well into this millennium.

Transcribeme Now and the Rise of Transcription Software

Transcribeme Now is part of a growing pool of transcription services which uses workflow software to streamline the transcription process. Transcription-based software relies on a clever combination of artificial intelligence and speech recognition to discern what is being said, then allow the system to use its pool of resources to transcribe the audio to text. This is an incredibly powerful tool which has made transcription much easier, and some companies offer entirely automated backend transcription services to ensure their service accuracy.

Automated transcription workflow has the advantages of being fast and cheaper than using third-party applications that many smaller human transcription companies require to operate. Likewise, since it’s software managed it helps keep sensitive material secure by applying recording hosting and retention policies automatically.

Professional transcription service solutions using Transcribeme Now have started to apply a hybrid approach, similar to a service such as Nibity.com. Industry-qualified professionals review the transcripts and adjust verbiage as necessary to bring the accuracy up to over 99%+. When used in conjunction with human proficiency, such technological approaches will make transcription faster and be able to deliver higher quality.

Why Outsource Transcription

Professional transcriptionists:

  • Have access to tools that make the process faster.
  • Are trained to listen carefully and transcribe full verbatim.
  • It can provide post-production support for subtitling and closed captioning.
  • Are neutral and vested in providing accurate documents.
  • Have faster turnarounds because transcription is their only task

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Transcribeme Now Service

Transcription is a thriving industry as companies realize the benefits of outsourcing to dedicated professionals who are capable of providing perfectly accurate transcriptions of important documents.

When looking for a transcription service, consider the following:

1. Pay attention to reputation.

Transcription services will develop a reputation that is corroborated and sustained by their demonstrated work. Since accuracy is the first indicator of quality, everyone advertises 98, 99, or even 100 percent accuracy on their transcription documents. Check this by looking over examples of their work, how well established the company is, and what former clients have to say about their services.

2. Go for clear cut pricing structures.

There are a number of ways transcription services charge for their services. Transcribeme Now service options offer both a per audio minute through Way With Words – that is, per each minute of the file given to the transcriptionist regardless of how long it takes them to go through it, or a per second rate as applied by Nibity.com – rounded with package rate options. This is common. Other companies may charge by actual work required or even a lump sum per project.

3. Examine the areas of expertise.

Most transcription services will advertise specific industries for which they transcribe. Some, like medical and legal industries, need professionals who understand the lingo. Look for a service that matches the subject matter.

4. Ask about security and confidentiality.

Transcription falls under several data compliance regulations, including GDPR. Inveterate professionals are aware of this and take measures to ensure both the confidentiality of sensitive materials and compliance with the law.

5. Consider technology.

While automated transcription software has its shortcomings, the careful application of technology actually makes the transcription process smoother. The appropriate use of technology signals a commitment to embracing best practices, staying modern, and providing customers with the best possible experience.

The Next Level of Transcription

Transcription is a technologically savvy, vast, and versatile field that warrants consideration by any company with audio or video content. The above tips should assist you in selecting a competent transcription service.

Way With Words Feature

Way With Words is a general voice to text company offering audio-to-text, speech-to-text or voice-to-text solutions. Clients use us for a wide range of subjects. Our audio, video, and custom transcription services are often chosen because of our excellent reputation to transcribe local voice to text dialects. We also process large volumes of audio or video recordings with a 99%+ accuracy guarantee.

We offer pre-set transcript formats as shown below, or can provide a custom layout on request.