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The Most Accurate Speech to Text App of 2019

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We live in a technology driven society. If you need something accomplished, there is likely an app for it. Speech to text app programs are gaining ground these days. More people are turning to the software for a quick fix to their text requirements. If you need help converting your speech to text, check out these great apps to get the job done.

Google Assistant

Among the most well known and best voice speech recognition apps you will find in the market, according to some, is Google Assistant. This speech to text app promises to do many functions for you, including voice to text applications. Google Assistant offers over 100 languages and has proven to be a great tool for taking quick notes for regular speech to text needs.

Google Assistant is a credible app for simple commands, but is not a dedicated speech to text app. Therefore, accuracy does depend on dialect, the subject and speech pattern.

Dragon Anywhere

Unlike Google Assistant, Dragon Anywhere will cost you. However, the $15 per month price tag does come with certain advantages. Dragon Anywhere promises to deliver on improved accuracy as you “train” the app. It is an adaptive software and learns as the person uses it. There is a drawback to this software in that if more than one person is using the app, the learning application will not be effective.

Dragon Anywhere is ideal for recording speeches and meetings, but again, accuracy is not going to be perfect. It claims 99% accuracy, but that is only after working with the program for a while based on your voice.


With the Nibity, users are able to acquire their speech to text needs through Nibity’s high quality services. Instead of typical speech to text app rates, the service is paid for by the minute or set hour packages. The service provides many features standard apps neglect, notably time stamps and a human approach to transcription services to ensure substantially more accurate transcripts.

Although this is not strictly an app, Nibity is an excellent option for those looking for a professional transcription service. Nibity claims a staggering 99% accuracy without the need for the software to learn the user’s voice.


Professional transcription can be a challenge with standard apps. Briana is different. It is designed for the professional industry and can adapt to over 100 languages. Briana works seamlessly with any Android or IOS device and is a learning app as well. Teach Briana uncommon vocabulary words you use for your individual industry. The app comes with a free version in its lite format. However, for $49 per year or $139 for lifetime use, you can use Briana as often as you require. Technical jargon in a niche industry is difficult for many speech to text apps to contend with.

Briana makes it all easy no matter which industry you are in. There are some drawbacks as well. Briana is a digital program, so it will take time for the app to learn your individual industry and accuracy is not 100%.


Average speech to text needs can be accomplished through apps such as SpeechTexter. Accuracy, again is an issue if you require perfection. SpeechTexter currently maintains a 95% accuracy rating. This means, users will have to work through text manually for more accurate transcripts. Accuracy is also drastically dependent upon internet access. When not connected to Wi-Fi or Data connection, accuracy rating with SpeechTexter drops even further.

The app is excellent for note taking, but not as accurate for use with professionals.

Voice Notes

Among the more popular apps is VoiceNotes. This app is an excellent tool for those engaging in meetings and average note taking needs. Accuracy varies greatly depending on language and dialect. It can be connected to other apps in your smartphone to act as a virtual assistant and it free. Although there is a premium version you can subscribe to.

The main drawback with VoiceNotes is that it is only available for Android based systems. Those with IOS based devices will have to look elsewhere.

Human Transcription

These apps are excellent for those looking to accomplish a quick job. If, however, true accuracy is needed, these apps may not be so useful. Consider using one of the many human transcription services available, including Way With Words.

Compare Speech To Text App Accuracy

App Accuracy Rating Compatibility
Google Assistant Varies IOS/Android
Dragon Anywhere 99% (single voice/trained) IOS/Andriod
Nibity 99%+ (single/multiple voices) IOS/Android
Briana 98% IOS/Android
SpeechTexter 95%- IOS/Android
VoiceNotes N/A Android Only
Way With Words 99%+ (any) IOS/Android/Any File Formats

Which Are Some Of The Most Accurate Speech To Text Apps In 2019?

Google Assistant – Varies
Dragon Anywhere – 99% (single voice/trained)
Nibity – 99%+ (single/multiple voices)
Briana – 98%
SpeechTexter – 95%
VoiceNotes – N/A
Way With Words – 99%+