Transcription Jobs at Way With Words: We are always looking for transcribers with an excellent understanding of the English language. We are a trusted audio-text services and solutions provider with thousands of clients worldwide in services from healthcare, legal, financial, business, market research, academic research, conferences, meetings to media and telecommunications.



Our recruitment and assessment process is one of the most thorough in the business: we contract the best of the best – from beginners to the most advanced and experienced individuals. We work with difficult accents, tackle technical subject matter and accept audio and video or varying quality. Our growing customer base requires audio and video transcriptions; a service provided by our contracted transcribers.





JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How much do you pay?
Our payment rates are provided once you register on our online application system. Simply select the transcription job position that you are applying for and the relevant transcriber remuneration details will appear, including the payment terms. The number of hours you work per week will depend upon your own availability and skills and work available.

As an independent transcription contractor, you are free to accept or reject any work that is offered to you.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: When do I get work?
It may take up to seven working days from the time of your application to receive confirmation that you have been successful.

Should you have passed our required tests and submitted the correct application form with the relevant acceptable documentation, you will be contacted by our Operations Department. They will send you a welcome pack containing an introduction to our management team, forms of communication, workflow processes, style guides and information about how to receive payment.

Only after this will jobs be allocated to you.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How much work do you provide?
As an established company, we have large volumes of work throughout the year.

The volume of work tends to vary depending on the stream and client base:

Project transcription work is project-related. The volume can be quite high at certain times of the year. This stream is, therefore, very suitable for starter transcribers with the base skill set required to be formally registered to work for us.

Standard transcription work is more suited to experienced transcribers and the payment rate is, therefore, usually higher. The work is less project-related and the turnaround times for delivery of the transcripts are generally shorter.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: May I work for other companies?
Our transcribers are all self-employed independent contractors who are welcome to work for any other companies. We do not expect exclusivity, but we do expect total confidentiality about the work you do for us.
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: If I fail can I re-apply?
You may re-apply for:

Project Transcription: after 24 hours; and
Standard Transcription (Regular): 24 hours.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: Is there a test time limit?
There are time limits for some of the tests. Once you start an application for a particular job stream you have to complete the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire, Language Assessment and Audio Assessment in one sitting, without logging out or closing your browser.

If you log out at any time whilst completing the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire, Language Assessment or Audio Assessment your session will expire. You can reapply after 24 hours.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: What is an offline assessment?
After successful completion of the online application, you will be asked to download an assessment pack. This pack contains instructions, audio to transcribe, a formatting guide and a proofreading test (for certain categories of transcribe applications).

You will be required to complete a transcript or transcripts within a specified number of days.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: I passed my test. How do I complete the application?
Ensure you have downloaded and completed the offline assessment(s) as per the instructions you received at the end of the online audio assessment. Use the links you received in an email to access the application form.

The first link in your email allows you to log into your assessment account.
Once you are logged in, go back to the same email and click on the second link. This link will then allow you to open the relevant application form.

Make sure you upload the completed offline assessment document(s), verification certificate and your proof of identity to this form. Should these not be attached, your application will be considered invalid.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: What software or equipment do you recommend?
We do not promote any particular brand or make of transcription software or equipment. Contractors are encouraged to conduct their own research with regards to equipment or software. Our transcribers, once contracted, do receive a free professional version of FTW (free version: You will also need a reliable word processor (MS Word recommended).
JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: The transcriber audio test fails to play the sound. Why?
If the Audio assessment clips fail to load and play, it could be due to the following reasons:

(1) You are using an incompatible internet browser. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for the test. We advise Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

(2) Your internet speed is too slow. Ensure that they are at least 1MB/s as the audio may take some time to pre-load on slower connections. Do not click on anything while waiting for any test to open or the screen may freeze.

The above factors are unfortunately outside of our control and we are unable to assist you with them.

JOBS: APPLICATION – FAQ: How can I find out more about your jobs?
Details regarding the various job streams, skill requirements and payment terms are available only once you have registered.

Way With Words does not share any personal information you provide and all online registrations are permanently deleted after one month.


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