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transcription services partner

Transcription Services Partner


Looking for a transcription services partner for your business or strategic need? Way With Words is available to offer a complete transcription service solution that can be custom integrated into your business service. We support long term,​ strategic relationships with businesses that would like to offer bespoke transcription services to their own clients as part of their service offering – increasing business revenue and helping to build a sustainable competitive advantage.


Way With Words provides audio transcription and video transcription or custom transcription solutions that suit the different needs of each organisation.

Technology is without a doubt the way forward in creating these new and more effective audio-related service opportunities. Our company mission is to work closely with select partners,​ especially those in technology start-ups or with communications in mind,​ to help identify and implement new bolt-in transcription services,​ products or solutions for your industry and markets. Three types of partnerships we already provide are:

SPEECH TO TEXT PARTNERSHIPS: Do you have voice recognition software that needs to be trained with various dialects around the world? We have a scalable solution to secure the right team of transcribers,​ who are carefully assessed and contracted through our jobs portal,​ to improve your language,​ dialect or enunciation libraries. Partner with us to see how we can improve the accuracy of your software.

AUDIO TAGGING PARTNERSHIPS: Do you have thousands of hours of archived audio that needs to be searched quickly and also for context subjects? Partner with us to firm a potential hybrid model that can machine transcribe your audio or video libraries for key word and context searchability.

RECORDING APPS PARTNERSHIPS: Do you provide new recording technology and might like to expand the potential value to attract more users and improve your top-line revenue? Partner with us and get a bespoke transcription solution embedded with your service offering.

Way With Words is a trusted and reliable transcription services partner already to some clients globally looking for these types of solutions.


Use our contact form to send us your request with a short background about your particular interest. Way With Words is open to discussing terms of a partnership.


Our strategic partnerships include software developers,​ audio or video libraries,​ translation companies and media companies – those offering a span or broad range of language or technology solutions.


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