Way With Words has an exciting language opportunity for you!

We are looking for Australian-accented English speakers to do guided, unscripted call recordings. The purpose of this project is to collect voice data in order to assist with developing speech recognition technology.

You will need

  • Headphones with a built-in microphone;
  • Computer/laptop (no mobile phones may be used for recordings);
  • Stable internet connection.

Further details

  • Free to participate (no license or application fees required);
  • 2 people per call (Agent and Caller);
  • Anonymous (no real names or personal information used);
  • Guided, unscripted scenarios (a guide and keywords will be provided for each topic);
  • Rate of USD $0.40 per recorded minute = roughly AUD $30 per hour that is recorded, depending on the exchange rate.

Please note: No personal information will be disclosed (you will use fictional names/company names) and recordings will not be made publicly available.

How To Apply

If interested, please send a clear voice recording of yourself (no longer than 60 seconds) containing the following information: name, age, occupation, where you live and what you like most about your town to: project_aus@waywithwords.net

Please include the words “Australian Recordings” in the subject line in order to be considered.

Should your application be successful we will send you an email with further information.

We look forward to hearing from you!