Way With Words provides custom transcription services to suit individual client requirements or to help support technology developments that require or provide machine transcription. Clients that typically request our custom transcription services include audio recording technology companies, transcription speech recognition software developers, conference organisers and media.



Our custom transcription rates are highly negotiable and very competitive. Our transcription rates are determined by the volume of audio or video that needs to be transcribed and the custom formatting required.

Our integrated custom transcript service can also be developed with machine transcription solutions in mind. We are happy to explore partnerships that involve select technology machine transcription developers or existing solutions that are not highly accurate but which we can then manage and improve.

Our Business Development focus is to offer tailored transcription services with select partners or clients who require solutions that involve audio to text transcribing services.



Our custom audio to text services can be provided for any turnaround – from EXPRESS to much longer. We also offer transcripts in any format that the clients might require. We ensure typed documents are produced according to agreed accuracy and transcription standards.



Our custom transcription services are provided on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and all discussions and communications related to any enquiry are kept in the strictest confidence. Should the solution include the use of our commercial services, we provide a secure online transcription platform and can create a private transcription account or standalone workflow service for each client. All transcripts produced for the client remain confidential and the property of the client, or as agreed in writing by Way With Words and the client. Way With Words only provides transcription services using specifically contracted and trained transcribers. For more information about our general policies, security and more, click here.





Custom transcription services for




CHOICE: Software Companies – audio recording to text app
We can offer integrated (bolt in) options to provide transcription to software developers of voice and recording apps. This ensures that the voice recognition software reaches advanced levels of accuracy in different dialects and speech patterns.

Using an integrated model, specific solutions can be developed to suit the needs for every project. Growing in a partnership allows for growth and scalability, guaranteeing results. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

CHOICE: Technology Companies – language libraries
OPPORTUNITY: Evolve the accuracy of your audio-speech software by developing customised English dialect libraries with Way With Words.

Way With Words can partner with your company at a very competitive price in two beneficial ways:

1. We can help source the relevant audio.
2. We can transcribe it accurately and to your specific custom requirements.

VALUE: Improve the accuracy and competitiveness of your speech recognition software through a partner dedicated transcription support model that addresses and provides select English dialects for your markets.

CHOICE: Radio Stations – transcripts for listeners
OPPORTUNITY: Reformat your recorded radio interviews and podcasts into readable articles, such as in Question and Answer format, for your web site and newsletters.

Way With Words can partner with you in two beneficial ways:

1. We can take a general transcript and reformat it into a smart question and answer format for easy reading by your followers.
2. If a show is not aired at a convenient time, listeners can find the show on your web site and read the relevant custom transcript.

VALUE: More smart ways to present your content to your listeners. Listeners can catch up anytime.

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