General Authorisation for Engagement of Sub-Contractors

The Service User, as defined in Way With Words’ Terms of Service hereby grants the Company, as defined therein, the authority to engage the services of sub-processors, for processing operations required in the performance of the Services provided thereunder, from the following list.

1) Administrative agents
2) Data hosts
3) Payments processors

All of the above process data on behalf of the Company, based on its instructions, and in compliance with its Privacy Policy (see the clause therein regarding Sharing of Data) and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

4) Independent contractors (natural persons) who perform transcription and captioning, among other services, are vetted by the Company, required to provide and verify personal details, produce a valid form of identification and are contractually bound by strict confidentiality and data protection clauses. A copy of the relevant clauses can be made available on request. In this regard also see our Data Processing Addendum.

5) Way With Words Limited sub-contracts Way With Words SA (Pty) Ltd for the performance of administrative and sub-processing functions required on its behalf.

More information in respect of any of the above will be provided by the Company upon request submitted by the Service User, subject to any necessary consents in terms of data protection or other laws having been obtained.