Custom Transcription Services

Way With Words provides a wide range of custom transcription services and solutions for users. We also offer standard audio to text transcription services for clients looking for pre-set transcript formats and a selection of add-ons. Our custom transcription services rates are negotiable depending on the level of instruction and potential volume of audio or video for transcribing.

B2B Custom Transcription Options

Technology, media and other services or businesses looking for a bespoke commercial transcription service solution are welcome to get in touch. Our support ranges from a backend transcription service (using human transcribers) to allow organisations to offer highly accurate transcripts with their speech engines to providing highly customed text formats for machine learning purposes. Adding transcription as an option for clients may complement the value of existing services. Examples of these include data storage, audio recording, video recording, and similar services.

We are willing to discuss very competitive rates, a secure workflow solution with guaranteed accuracy and, in the case of client markets, a very attractive commission structure.

Machine Transcription Editing

We provide custom transcription solutions to a number of technology companies that offer speech to text (STT) and speech recognition (SR) solutions for their verticals using speech engines. Transcripts in each case are produced according to the specific requirements of the client to ensure that the accuracy of their speech-to-text software improves. We partner in two beneficial ways:

  1. We edit and correct machine produced transcripts for the client for correcting their Machine Learning.
  2. We transcribe the entire audio and provide it for machine learning as copy – to the clients’ specific requirements.

For more details view our Machine Transcription Polishing service.

Speech Data Collecting

We provide custom transcription services and solutions to software companies that offer audio or video recording services. In particular, we help grow a company’s service by offering speech datatsets that have been collected and created for specific domains, scenarios or custom frameworks.

For more details view our Speech Collection service.

Media Tagging

We can provide custom transcription solutions to media companies (particularly for radio or TV libraries) to help identify and highlight keywords resutls for business purposes. We also support media companies looking to better manage their audio or video libraries.

Podcast and Webinar Solutions

We provide both normal podcast transcription services as well as more bespoke formatted transcripts for recorded radio interviews and podcasts into readable articles. This includes providing a Question and Answer format.

More specifically, we partner in two beneficial ways:

  1. We take a general transcript and reformat it into a smart question and answer format. This makes it easier for followers to read the main thread of a podcast.
  2. If a show is not aired at a convenient time, listeners can find the show on the client website and read the transcript.

Subsequently, our custom transcription services help clients find smart ways to present content to their listeners.



Our integrated custom transcription services are available for a wide range of applications and needs, including machine transcription solutions. We are also happy to explore partnerships that involve machine transcription or similar solutions that require higher accuracy. We can scale our contractors as well according to requirements. Our transcription contractors apply to work with us through our jobs portal.

Partner For Opportunties

Clients that typically request our custom or b2b transcription services include audio recording or management technologies, transcription speech recognition software developers, conference organizers, and media companies, amongst others.

Way With Words actively engages in key partnerships that benefit in some way from offering custom transcription solutions. Whatever the service, our global transcriber teams are recruited, assessed and contracted through a demanding process to ensure the highest standards and avoid exposure of the company to poor or inaccurate transcriptions.