Why human transcription still outperforms an online audio-to-text converter

Accuracy, context, and personalization:
Why human transcription is superior to machines

Think Twice Before Trusting Online Audio-to-Text Converters

As technology continues to advance, online audio-to-text converters have become increasingly popular for transcribing audio recordings into written text. However, despite their convenience and accessibility, these tools are often unreliable and inaccurate, and should not be trusted for critical transcription tasks. One of the main reasons to be wary of online audio-to-text converters is their lack of contextual understanding. These tools rely on algorithms to analyze the audio recordings and transcribe them into text. They are not equipped to understand context, nuances, or accents, which can lead to significant errors and inaccuracies in the transcription. Another issue with online audio-to-text converters is their limited ability to filter out background noise. The quality of the audio recording can significantly affect the accuracy of the transcription. Online converters may not be able to filter out background noise or differentiate between different speakers, leading to a jumbled and inaccurate transcript.
Confidentiality is also a major concern when using online audio-to-text converters. These tools require uploading the audio files to a third-party platform, where the recordings may be stored and accessible to others. This can lead to privacy breaches and confidentiality issues, particularly if the recordings contain sensitive or confidential information. Overall, relying solely on online audio-to-text converters for transcription tasks can be risky and unreliable. While these tools may be useful for basic transcriptions, they should not be trusted for critical or sensitive tasks. For accurate and reliable transcription, it is best to seek the services of professional human transcribers who can provide context, accuracy, and confidentiality.

Human transcription is typically better than an online audio-to-text converter because of several factors:


Human transcribers are better at accurately transcribing speech than machines. This is because machines often struggle with accents, dialects, background noise, and other factors that can impact the quality of the audio. Humans, on the other hand, are better at understanding and contextualizing speech.


Human transcribers are better at understanding the context of the speech. Machines lack the ability to understand things like sarcasm, humor, and other nuances of language that can impact the meaning of the speech.


Human transcribers can easily edit and revise their work. Machines, on the other hand, typically provide a single output that cannot be easily edited or revised. This can be particularly problematic if the output contains errors or inaccuracies.


Human transcribers can tailor their work to the specific needs of the client. Machines typically provide a generic output that may not meet the specific requirements of the client.


Human transcribers can easily format the output according to the client’s preferences. Machines typically provide a standard format that may not meet the specific requirements of the client.

Overall, while online audio-to-text converters can be useful in certain situations, such as transcribing simple and clear speech, human transcription is typically more accurate, reliable, and flexible for most transcription needs.

Which Industries Benefit from Human Transcription Services

Several industries can benefit greatly from human transcription services.

The legal industry, for example, often requires accurate and reliable transcription services for court hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Lawyers and legal professionals need to ensure that transcripts are error-free and meet strict industry standards.

Similarly, the medical industry often requires transcription services for medical notes, patient histories, and research interviews. Medical transcriptions must be accurate and confidential to comply with industry standards. Academics, researchers, and students also require transcription services for research interviews, lectures, and seminars. Transcripts must be reliable and accurate for analysis and research purposes.

Media professionals, journalists, and broadcasters also require transcription services for interviews, documentaries, and other media content. Accurate and reliable transcripts are essential for subtitling, captioning, and translation.

Overall, any industry that requires accurate, reliable, and confidential transcription services can benefit from human transcription.

How Much Does Way With Words Transcription Cost?

For transcription and captioning our rates are usually calculated per audio or video minute and depend on factors such as chosen turnaround time, volume and any add-on options (such as time codes). For custom solutions, our price is negotiable and will depend on the job as a whole.

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Audio and video files are uploaded via our secure online workflow system. We do not accept links or physical discs; all work is processed via our workflow system.

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How is the cost calculated?

Costs are calculated per recorded minute and are dependent on turnaround time selected. All seconds are rounded up to the next minute. For budget options, longer turnarounds are available.

Audio quality and number of speakers do not affect the cost. Default transcript is Standard Template and Intelligent Verbatim (see examples above). Time Coding, Full Verbatim and Special Formatting options incur a surcharge.

How long are quotes valid?

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quotation. Save your job as a draft should you wish to complete your order at a later stage.

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Our main operational offices are located in the United Kingdom and South Africa while we have points of presence in various territories globally. Please click here to get in touch with us.

How are deadlines calculated?

The 1-Day to 10-Day turnaround times are calculated in business days only, and do not include weekends. Express orders can be returned over weekends, with prior notification.

Audio Transcription – The Benefits

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