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Need a brilliant transcription of your audio file? Way With Words transcription services UK has been doing just that since 2001. We have thousands of UK clients and have transcribed millions of minutes of audio. Using dedicated transcribers and the latest technology we ensure a valuable service with an accurate outcome!

Our Services

Rates & Pricing

Way With Words’ standard transcription service is calculated on a per audio or video minute rate. Pricing depends on the turnaround time chosen and the add-on options selected. The longer the turnaround and the fewer the add-ons selected, the lower the price.

Our captioning rates are also calculated per video minute, while our custom audio to text solution pricing is negotiable – depending on your required volume and conditions of service.

Turnaround Options

Way With Words standard transcription service turnaround times (TAT) range from EXPRESS, where your audio or video is transcribed as soon as possible and under 24 hours, to our cheaper TATs from 1 day onwards. Simply choose a turnaround to suit your pocket and urgency.

Our Clients

We have transcribed audio for many different industry users. From bankers to film producers, from CEOs to attorneys, from academics to social researchers, from doctors to conference organisers, from media users to police officers, we have been pleasing UK clients in countless industries for more than 15 years.

Like to find out more about Way With Words UK? Read our transcription services United Kingdom page.

  • Definitely Recommend Them Super easy to use, well priced and my transcribing arrived a few days early which was an absolute bonus. Would... [+]

    Sharon Lanteri Avatar
    Sharon Lanteri
    Archives Librarian, Sacred Heart College Kyneton

    Ahead of Schedule! Excellent. Delivered weekend transcription ahead of schedule.

    David Hindley Avatar
    David Hindley
    Editorial Assistant, Financial Times

    Pleased With Service I will continue to promote your business as I am pleased with your excellent service.

    Michelle Hall Avatar
    Michelle Hall
    Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
  • Good Transcripts Converted all my video recordings and sent back really good transcripts.

    Emma woods Avatar
    Emma woods

    Quick And Easy! This process was quick and easy. The staff are friendly, helpful, and made the whole transcribing process a walk in... [+]

    Jessica Stone Avatar
    Jessica Stone
    Senior Business Analyst, Compassion

    Heard Good Things Have heard good things about them. Understand why they need to be selective, believe they recently opened up for Afrikaans 🙂

    Jean Nichols Avatar
    Jean Nichols
    Admin Assistant, Health Institute
  • Will Definitely Use Again We had great communication about the work throughout, the transcripts were mostly completed on time and to a good standard... [+]

    Alice Bryant Avatar
    Alice Bryant
    Programme Coordinator, CLIC Sargent

    Very Caring My friend works for them and I hear they are a great company to work for (very caring). Deserve some... [+]

    Peter Weller Avatar
    Peter Weller
    Data Researcher

    Good At What They Do These guys are good. Good at what they do, producing excellent transcripts (in spite of difficult accents) and excellent... [+]

    Phil Back Avatar
    Phil Back
    Research Associate, Imperial College London
  • Surprisingly Good Thank you for the service, by the way, it was excellent.

    Gavin Knight Avatar
    Gavin Knight
    Principal Lecturer, Portsmouth University

    Prompt And Efficent Prompt, efficient and accurate work. Thanks for the great service!

    Michael Scheepers Avatar
    Michael Scheepers
    Engineer, Individual

    Recommended! Very happy with how this all ran, with every file returned within the required turnaround time. Recommended.

    Gary Prins Avatar
    Gary Prins
    Owner, 4sight
  • Look Great! I just wanted to feedback to say that the transcripts I have read so far look great. Thanks to all... [+]

    Genevieve Rasle Avatar
    Genevieve Rasle
    Proposal Writer, Save The Children

    Very Reliable A very reliable transcription company that delivers top quality transcriptions, on time. Their team is always willing to assist via... [+]

    Alyssa Eksteen Avatar
    Alyssa Eksteen
    Project Manager, Folio

    Well Done Many thanks for that, it was really well done.

    Lorcan Coyle Avatar
    Lorcan Coyle
    Principal, St. Pius X BNS
  • Thank You Dear Way With Words, thank you so much! This is brilliant and very fast!!

    Diederik van den Berg Avatar
    Diederik van den Berg
    Marketing EMEA, IDEXX BioAnalytics

    Amazing Way With Words are amazing. Used them for my MSc transcriptions. Fast and efficient! 100% recommend!

    Penelope Denny Avatar
    Penelope Denny
    Writer, Individual

    Amazing Experience I have had amazing experiences with Way With Words over the past four years. They will always make a plan... [+]

    Caro van Aardt Avatar
    Caro van Aardt
    Interpreter, SA Parliament
  • Really Happy Thanks for sending all those completed transcripts through – we’ve been really happy with the quality of the transcription.

    Edwina McCarthy Avatar
    Edwina McCarthy
    Research Assistant, Monash University

    Good Timing Excellent work and timing.

    Mark Lindsell Avatar
    Mark Lindsell
    Managing Director, Crime Watch SA

    Absolutely fantastic job by Way With Words - quick to respond to any queries I had and 100% accurate. ... [+]

    Karen Baldwin Avatar
    Karen Baldwin

#1 Choice For Transcription In The UK

Our transcription services stand out of the crowd for three good reasons:


Our transcribers are recruited, trained and vetted to ensure that our transcription services UK are absolutely accurate and fast.


Being primarily UK-based, we are specialists in the whole array of UK accents, from Geordie to Brummie to Scouse. Furthermore, we are subject-specialists, with a wealth of knowledge, and even experience, in the industries we serve, whether medical, financial, or specialised academia.


Our transcription services UK ensure a set of policies that commit us to confidentiality and data protection, which are paramount for many of our existing clients.

We take numerous measures to ensure confidentiality: client-tailored NDAs; employment contracts for Way With Words staff, management, and transcribers (which include Confidentiality Agreements); password protecting and encrypting our workflow systems; using secure UK servers; and even require that many of our UK based transcribers sign the Official Secrets Act.

Our UK Reputation Stands

Be assured we transcribe for clients throughout the UK and beyond. Some clients include Ministry of Defence (UK), Office of Fair Trading (UK), The ITER Organization (France), International Criminal Court (the Netherlands), International Red Cross (Switzerland), World Health Organization (Switzerland), Centre for Investigative, Security and Police Sciences (UK), Independent Police Complaints Commission UK), and the Home Office (UK).


First of all, you can set up your account now in less than 60 seconds! Saving you time to move on to what you need to do. Want to set up your account? Get started.

You get a private online account, accessible only with a unique client-generated password. And we erase all files and transcripts from our system 30-60 days after completion of a job, unless a client requests even quicker deletion.

Transcription services UK produces transcripts of excellent quality to a deadline that suits for needs and your budget. All transcriptions are highly confidential with the relevant procedures in place to ensure this. We are happy to get your transcript completed ASAP after you upload the audio, or if you are not in a hurry, you are welcome to choose one of our longer turnaround options.

Choose between several customization options, including Full Verbatim for language analysis, Time Coding, Post Production Scripts, or even bespoke processes to suit your business or technology. We also accept additional special instructions for other things that might be helpful to you – line numbering, for example, or anonymizing of names and personal information in the audio.

Years In Business

Way With Words Transcription Services has been producing excellent transcripts since 2001. Subsequently, we have transcribed over one hundred thousand hours of audio, we have thousands of clients all around the world. From lawyers to doctors, from researchers to conference organisers, from students to authors, and from courts to journalists, we have been delighting clients in countless countries and industries for many years.

Transcription With Value

Our transcription services are one of a kind for many reasons. Let’s summarise …

First, our transcribers are outstanding – experienced, highly skilled, all native English speakers, most of whom have years of transcribing behind them or are subject specialists. They know the ins and outs and technical terminology of a particular profession. Our transcribers have an absolute wealth of knowledge, and even experience, in the industries we serve. They are recruited, tested, and selected through a thorough assessment process and vetted to ensure their identity.

Secondly, for Way With Words Transcription services, confidentiality and data protection are of paramount importance. So, we understand how critical it is to protect your files and keep your transcripts private. We, therefore, offer a secure password-enabled account where your files and transcripts are stored and deleted 30-60 days after completion (unless you request otherwise).

Thirdly, our transcription service produces transcripts of excellent quality and to a deadline that suits your timeline and budget. So, if you need a transcript fast, we offer an Express service (fast transcription service) in which you get your transcript under 24 hours. Alternatively, if you are budget-driven and can wait longer, we offer several turnaround options at lower rates.

We Make Transcription Personal

We do our best to meet your unique requirements. This includes custom time coding, full verbatim format, and for video capturing the text that shows on the screen. On the other hand, if you have other needs outside of these, we have a Special Instructions option which you can request using our contact form or visit our custom transcription services page to read more about our options or just tell us what suits and we will do our best to accommodate you!