Translate Audio

It Involves Language

Sometimes information is more useful in one form than another. That may mean speech translated into audio (generally by means of a recording device), one language translated into another language (French, German or Spanish, for example, translated into Hungarian, Belgium, or Arabic). However, if you are recording any speech from interviews, focus group discussions to dictations, or even producing video the process you will need to consider is to translate audio into text.

We Translate Audio To Text

When we translate audio into text it’s necessary to translate audio into a different form – a WORD document, an Excel sheet, a .srt file, or a post-production template, for example.

With audio transcription, we translate the audio from one form into another, mainly into a WORD document or any other format on request. All we require is a digital file (whether audio or video) and our transcribers listen to the sound, carefully and accurately transcribing into text the speech recorded on the digital file (and even noises on the recording, if requested). There are two options to translate audio into text.

Translate audio using software: In rare instances when your audio quality is excellent when there is only one speaker in the recording, and when this speaker is speaking very clearly and slowly and distinctly, with only a minimal accent, then you can rely on software to generate a fairly reliable transcription.

Translate audio using transcribers: However, in all other instances – two or more speakers in the audio, speakers talking quickly, speakers talking over each other, speakers with a variety of accents, speakers who stutter or repeat or use ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ while thinking – then it is by far better to translate audio manually.

Audio Transcribing

This is the work of skilled, professional transcribers.

Again, a ‘machine transcript’ may produce a transcript with numerous inaccuracies depending on the quality of the recording and pronunciation of language by the speakers.

This is precisely what our specialty is: we contract experienced, highly qualified, English first language audio transcribers to translate audio into WORD documents or other formats.

When it’s too important to not get right – let us translate your audio into text.