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Audio to Text Services

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Audio & Video Transcription

Convert your audio or video into 99%+ accurate transcripts.

We transcribe a wide range of audio and video recordings. Our audio  and video transcription service is used for focus groups, interviews, polls, media presentations, webinars, across to research and legal proceedings.

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Video Captioning

Get 99%+ accurate subtitles for your videos

We provide a highly accurate video captioning service for a variety of clients. Our captions are used for corporate training videos, webinars, online visual promotional material, university lectures, film and television.

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Speech Collection

Purchase our custom order best-of-class speech datasets

We create speech datasets with matching transcripts for machine learning. Our service is for technologies that create or improve existing automatic speech recognition (ASR) models for select languages and various domains.

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Machine Transcription Polishing

Correct AI speech to text errors to ensure accuracy.

We polish machine transcripts for clients across a number of different technologies. Our machine transcription polishing (MTP) service is used for a variety of AI and machine learning purposes.

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