Way With Words provides audio transcription services to suit individual client requirements and budgets. Our audio transcription services involve selecting one of our transcript formats and choosing an appropriate turnaround time for the completion of the audio to text transcript process, at a suitable transcription rate.

Transcription formats we offer are:

Transcription turnarounds we offer are:

Clients using our audio transcribing services can request our add-on audio transcript options, which include time codes and an independent transcription review of their transcript. Our time code service options include time coding or time stamps per speaker change or every 30 seconds. Our independent review involves a check of all ‘difficult-to-hear’ words by a qualified transcript reviewer or highly experienced transcriber. All transcripts include two free time stamps per page. Specific audio transcription services we provide include:

Our audio transcription services are provided on a secure online transcription platform. We also create a private transcription account for each client. All transcripts remain confidential and the property of the client. Way With Words only provides audio transcribing using specifically contracted and trained audio transcribers. For more information about our policies, security and more, click here.


We offer a completely BASIC transcript for clients not needing custom requirements such as time coding, speaker names, line numbering, independent reviews or unique templates. BASIC transcription involves:

  • Speakers identified as SP1, SP2 and so on
  • Plain and simple layout
  • Opt for our BASIC Package if you do not need:

  • Time coding or time stamps
  • Speaker names
  • Custom formatting
  • way with words transcription format BASIC

    CHOICE 2: Standard Format
    STANDARD FORMAT: this is an intelligent verbatim transcript which EXCLUDES ums and ahs, repeated words, emotions, background noises and meaningless prompts by the IV, but INCLUDES half sentences, verbiage and repeated short phrases.

    way with words transcription standard format

    CHOICE 3: Smart Format
    SMART FORMAT: This is a transcript which EXCLUDES ‘you know’, ‘I mean’, ‘sort of’, ‘kind of’, ‘like’, etc, emotions, background noises, the unnecessary use of ‘right’ and ‘okay’, meaningless prompts by the IV and repeated short phrases but INCLUDES half sentences.

    way with words smart format transcription

    CHOICE 4: Custom Format – Full Verbatim
    FULL VERBATIM FORMAT: This is a verbatim transcript, which INCLUDES ums and ahs, repeated words, half sentences, background noises, emotions, and verbiage.

    way with words full verbatim format transcription

    CHOICE 5: Custom Format – Special Instructions
    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FORMAT: This is a transcript tailored to suit your unique requirements.

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