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Business Transcription Services



For business transcription services,​ Way With Words offers a range of turnarounds and special options. If you’re interested in one speaker in a disciplinary hearing,​ we will transcribe only that speaker. On the other hand,​ if you are hosting a business think tank and require a focus group meeting to be transcribed with all speakers clearly identified,​ we will transcribe that for you too.

If you need regular timestamps so that you can mark exactly where in the proceedings someone said a critical phrase or made an allegation,​ we will happily provide these for you. If you have a particular format of transcription that you’d like to have us follow,​ we will happily do so,​ for a nominal fee.


Modern businesses generate a great deal of information. In some cases,​ this information can be compiled and stored in a non-verbal format. However,​ much of this information will require recording note-taking notes or by audio recording. If it’s an audio recording then it may also require a transcript of the event.

  • Way With Words Transcription Service Standard Template
  • Way With Words Transcription Service Time Coded Template
  • Way With Words Transcription Service Full Verbatim vs. Intelligent Verbatim

Your Transcript

English language transcription.

All audio or video file types.

Same day turnaround option.

Cost saving longer turnaround options.

Transcript templates - see slides.

Format options - Intelligent Verbatim or Full Verbatim.

Special instructions considered.

FREE - Any accent and sound quality.

FREE - Any number of speakers.

FREE - 2 timestamps per page.

99%+ Accuracy. Data compliant.



Whether it’s a conference call,​ management proceeding,​ marketing materials,​ stakeholder presentation,​ entrance and exit job interviews,​ AGMs,​ or even just the recording of a staff meeting,​ business transcription services are likely what you require. Typical uses include:

  • Business transcription services for stakeholder presentations. We have more than a decade of experience providing transcriptions for companies globally. Simply upload your audio or video,​ add a list of relevant speakers (keywords also help) and our dedicated transcribers will get to reproduce everything said into text.
  • Business transcription services for management minutes or proceedings. Society has progressed beyond the point where management minutes or proceedings can be recorded on a shorthand pad. A key decision about an outcome can hinge on a single phrase or minuted point. You will need a digital recording and you then find an experienced transcriber or transcription service. Again,​ a list of keywords and speakers would enable us to deliver a better transcript.
  • Business transcription services for monthly staff meetings,​ board meetings or annual AGMs. Taking minutes for a staff meeting can be tedious and require attention to detail. One very often runs the risk of missing something critical. Furthermore,​ there is always the risk that the person taking minutes cannot take a meaningful part in the meetings.


Let our business transcription services take care of this chore for you,​ with our dedicated transcribers.

Visit Way With Words or click the get started link below to get an instant quote. All you have to do is set up an account (less than 60 seconds) and proceed to upload. Alternatively,​ chat to us or send us your tailored requirements through our contact form from the same page!

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