Disciplinary Transcription Services


Need disciplinary transcription services that are quick and accurate? With over 15 years of experience offering disciplinary transcription services to our clients, Way With Words ensures you receive a transcript that is transcribed to the highest standards of accuracy.


A disciplinary hearing transcript is a critical document. While some people feel that the recording is enough, having an accurate transcript of your hearing is often necessary, if not mandatory. One is never quite sure on what phrase the case will turn or which incident will become important at a later date. It’s certainly not advisable to rely on minutes, which only summarize the highlights when a full and complete disciplinary hearing transcript is an affordable and often a legally necessary alternative.

In the heat of the moment, tempers flare and things can get ugly. It’s very hard to maintain an accurate memory of exactly what transpired, especially if emotions are running high. Therefore an accurate disciplinary hearing transcript removes the need to create consensus on the events of the disciplinary hearing itself. It’s all in the disciplinary hearing transcript.


Depending on if you require audio transcription, video transcription, or even custom transcription, we offer various formats and options. Our Full Verbatim format combined with our disciplinary transcription services means you’ll get every nuance of the entire hearing expertly transcribed and delivered to you in an accessible document in the time frame of your choice. The text often doesn’t convey an emotion or non-linguistic but relevant actions or sounds. Make sure you squeeze all the data you can from your hearing by combining Full Verbatim with our disciplinary transcription services.

Our turnaround times are engineered to suit you. Therefore, if you are flexible about when you need a transcription we offer a 10 Day or longer turnaround. In the event you urgently need the transcript, however, we offer an Express turnaround which will get your transcript delivered to you in 24 hours or less. Whatever your situation, you choose the turnaround time that suits you when you upload your recordings to us.



As long as you have access to the internet, you can dictate from where you are and immediately send us recordings for transcription. Just upload your audio file using our secure website. Some reasons to consider our services as a solution for your next disciplinary process include:

  • Lots of satisfied regular clients!
  • Expert qualified subject transcribers!
  • Fast, accurate transcriptions now!
  • Quick quotes, upload files, pay, relax
  • Confidentiality and security assured!

All our transcribers undergo rigorous recruitment, assessment, and vetting process. All transcribers must fulfill our terms and conditions (see our privacy policy)  to work for us. These include terms of contracting that ensure security and data protection for you, the client.