Finance Transcription Services

Our finance transcription services address many audio or video recordings of key financial, accounting or economic reports or agreements. If you require accurate text records customized to your needs that ensure the integrity of your business or financial decisions, Way With Words is your transcription service provider of choice. Way With Words has over a decade of experience in providing finance transcription services. 

Reliable Financial Transcripts

We have watched as the demand for finance transcription has grown exponentially in recent years, especially as banks and money markets expand, collide or even collapse and then recover. Executive meetings are no longer just conducted in boardrooms with power lunches, but rather they often take place over the airwaves and digital superhighways, bounced off of satellites. Volatility in today’s financial sector means massive gains and catastrophic losses. So, proper documentation is therefore essential to keep track of this ever-fluctuating, highly confidential information on record.

We transcribe a wide range of financial discussions and data including:

  • forex consulting,
  • wealth management advice,
  • insurance agreements,
  • finance brokering,
  • banking,
  • investor relations,
  • earnings calls,
  • annual financial and budget meetings,
  • business surveys,
  • interim company results,
  • financial seminars and training sessions,
  • analyst interviews,
  • financial reports, and
  • company reports.

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Way With Words’ standard transcription service is calculated on a per audio or video minute rate. Pricing depends on the turnaround time chosen and the add-on options selected. The longer the turnaround and the fewer the add-ons selected, the lower the price. Use our calculator below to get started ↴

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Additional Services

Our captioning rates are also calculated per video minute, while our custom audio to text solution pricing is negotiable – depending on your required volume and conditions of service.

Financial Institutions

Financial transcription is used by many different clients. Users include corporations, merchant banks, regulatory bodies, building societies, accountants, compliance companies, business schools, finance advisers, webcast providers, management consultants, and finance portals.

Our select transcribers produce finance transcripts for media releases, annual reports, and results briefings for some of the biggest names in finance, including Standard and Poor’s, Deutsche Bank, and many more.

Subject Expert Transcribers

Our financial transcribers are located on nearly every continent in more than 20 countries, have years of experience in financial transcription, are comfortable with terms like IPO and NPV, and understand that most financial information is critically sensitive. Consequently, our transcribers, as well as Way With Words’ staff and management, adhere to confidentiality clauses in their contracts, best practice data security measures, client Non-Disclosure Agreements, and an array of other data protection measures such as our privacy policy. We also delete all audio/video files and transcripts 30 days after the completion of a job. However, upon client request, we are happy to delete these materials immediately after the job has been finished or keep them longer. If speed is of the essence, we also provide a fast transcription service solution through our express option.

In our finance transcription services, the precision of hearing and a good vocabulary are essential. The transcriber needs a broad base of knowledge of the industry or service. This is why every one of our contractors must pass a stringent job application and vetting process before being allowed to undertake paid work for us. They are subjected to further vetting before they are allowed to handle our finance transcription services clientele, as these transcripts often require an exceptionally high level of knowledge and language ability.

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