Fast Transcription Services – Audio & Video

Fast transcription services can be fast and accurate at the same time. That’s what we strive for with our fast transcription services. While other transcription providers tell you how quickly your file can be transcribed, we work the opposite way: you tell us. Do you want your transcript back in 3 days? That’s fine. Do you want your transcript completed in 1 day? Not a problem for us. You want your transcript as soon as possible? We’re on it!

Our fast transcription services offer an EXPRESS turnaround (under 24 hours) – that still includes all the bells and whistles: two free time stamps per transcript page; no extra charge for multiple accents or difficult terminology or numerous speakers.

Your Subject Covered

No matter what you need to have transcribed, we’ll transcribe it fast and accurately and without charging you a fortune. Whether you need a video, podcast, interview, legal or medical transcript, financial report, your research, or the next chapter of the book you are dictating, or any other kind of transcription, we know you need an accurate, inexpensive and fast transcription. Those are precisely the qualities around which we’ve built our fast transcription services.

When you choose our fast transcription service today for your transcription needs, you can be sure that you’ll be extremely satisfied with your transcript, and grateful for the speed of the turnaround.


  • AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION: All English accents or dialects transcribed. Any audio files accepted.
  • VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: English audio and on-screen descriptions. TV, films, webinars, as well as video.
  • CUSTOM TRANSCRIPTION: Bespoke solutions for English transcription available. New partnerships.


  • We provide expert subject English transcribers + select add-on options!
  • Fast accurate transcriptions + choice of turnarounds by budget.
  • Audio, video, or custom transcripts + various transcript formats.
  • Instant quote, file upload + quick online account.
  • Confidentiality assured, as well as secure online protocols.


When it comes to our fast transcription services, Way With Words has some of the most experienced and highly trained transcriptionists in the industry. Our transcribers are more than qualified to transcribe your audio and video files for you. They transcribe files into accurate, grammatically correct transcripts all day, every day, so when we say they are experts, speedy and accurate, we mean it!

Transcription Notes

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