Investigation Transcription Services


Have extremely sensitive and confidential material from investigations? We have proven investigation transcription services for handling extremely sensitive material, with many security measures in place. From secure servers and proprietary management software to the deletion of job records within regulated periods of time.


Whether you need a transcription of a police matter between a witness and officers, or of a private hearing or investigation, our investigation transcription services treat your audio or video with the utmost discretion. We understand the gravity of keeping this sensitive information private. Our investigation transcription services are confidential and our audio and video upload process is secure. We protect your data.

An accurate transcript of undercover investigation recordings is essential to the viability of a legal argument in court. We never outsource our work to other transcription companies, so you can rest assured that one of our own highly trained and exceptionally skilled contractors is transcribing your work – your investigation material is safe and secure. We treat every file with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring no third party involvement beyond the designated transcriber all of whom sign NDA agreements. Moreover, all staff are experienced in dealing with highly sensitive records.


When the transcript is to be presented in court proceedings, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity – at no extra charge – which can be presented in court, verifying that Way With Words has completed the transcript with the highest quality possible, commensurate with the quality of the audio recording.

We hire only the best skilled and most experienced individuals in the transcription field, meaning we can provide accurate, detailed transcriptions of investigative notes for medical, insurance and scientific cases. Our investigation transcription services are designed to serve a range of different investigation-related matters in various fields like police investigation, property investigation, insurance investigations, disciplinary hearings, crime scene investigation, forensic reports, taped confession surveillance recordings, wire taps, fire and motor accidents, legal proceedings, hearings and private meetings, medical investigation and even scientific investigation.


We provide investigation transcription services for attorneys, police departments, detectives, private investigators, law firms and even individuals. Our goal is to ensure that every investigation transcript we complete is accurate, formatted to our clients’ specific needs and instructions, delivered within our clients’ budgets and timeframes. Deadline is critical as there must be suitable preparation time prior to a court date. Our investigation transcription services can begin your transcript as soon as we receive your audio or video. If urgency isn’t that imperative, we also offer longer turnarounds.


Our investigation transcription services help bring order to the vast amounts of information revealed through the investigative process. We are trained and experienced in all types of investigation transcription services, including investigations by police into suspects or crime witnesses, solicitor-client discourse, conversations between lawyers and legal professionals, and even multi-party investigations. Some transcripts are for legal reference, others for internal use.

During the course of any investigation, there are hundreds or even thousands of hours of recordings, surveillance tapes, videos made and notes taken. The video and audio content included in these tapes and recordings are of incredible value. It must be available for review and analysis by both the investigators and the legal professionals who will eventually be handling the case. That’s why it’s so important to have trustworthy, professional investigation transcription services ready and available when you need them. And one that can handle all of your investigation transcription needs.


Our investigation transcription services have developed over the years as fully customizable in order to meet the needs of your investigative team. We know that investigation is important at multiple levels of the legal and protective system. From initial police investigations to comprehensive, multi-year FBI investigations, we provide quick, scalable transcription services. If accuracy and reliability are on the top of your mind, then try us now.


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