Police Transcription Services

Need police transcription services for your audio or video recordings? Our police transcription services provide the testimony of victims, suspect interviews, and the details admitted by criminals, while seemingly tedious, are critically important in the apprehension of criminals. Law enforcement and prosecutorial transcription are different from other forms of transcription. Accuracy is absolutely essential. There is an enormous and vital difference between “Yes, I did it” and “No, I didn’t do it” or the admission of guilt or innocence.

Services We Provide

Police Transcription

Police transcription services recognize transcription as an activity that must absolutely be completed in a timely manner – usually very quickly – to further the work of law enforcement agencies, meet the needs of prosecutors and defense counsels, and satisfy the judges who watch over, and decide between, innocence and guilt. Fast turnaround times are also crucial. The investigation and prosecution of criminal activity is a step-by-step process with each step building on the previous. Skipping any transcription step along the way is simply impossible.

Absolute Accuracy For Police Reports

Accurate transcripts bind together the various elements of the criminal justice system. Without transcripts, the system will grind to a halt, the prosecution will be hindered, and the ability to mount a credible defense will be thwarted. The expectations of the courts will not be met. The guilty might go free, or the innocent be mistakenly convicted. Therefore, police transcription services are not an option; they are a necessity.

Police Subject Knowledge

Our police transcription services use experienced transcribers who know that law enforcement transcription presents an entirely unique set of challenges. Most of the time, the material is highly confidential in nature and demands a quick turnaround. Our most seasoned transcriptionists, who have been carefully recruited, assessed, and vetted,  have to listen to the subject matter to which most people are not accustomed or with which they are uncomfortable. The content of interviews is frequently distasteful, particularly those involving murders, brutal crimes against children, and vicious sexual offenses. The nature of this work calls for qualified transcribers, trained professionals with police knowledge, and experience to transcribe the often indescribable.

Confidentiality Assured

Moreover, the maintenance of confidentiality is imperative. False accusations and leaks to the media can have devastating effects on people’s reputation, compromising the safety of victims and witnesses, biasing public opinion, and undermining the legitimacy, and most critically, the outcome of a case. Confidentiality and data security must always be maintained. The integrity of the transcription process is of paramount importance

Why Choose Us?

There are countless reasons to use our police transcription services:

  • Suspect interviews
  • Patrol reports
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Tribunal hearings
  • Victim interviews
  • Witness statements
  • Fire reports
  • Emergency service phone calls
  • 911 or other emergency dispatch calls
  • Memorandums and internal communications
  • Surveillance footage and wiretaps
  • Inmate phone calls
  • Staff and departmental meetings

Our police transcription services teams have a deep understanding and extensive experience in performing case report transcription in virtually every aspect of law enforcement. We understand the nuances associated with police transcription, whether it is transcribing inmate phone calls, fire reports, witness statements, or even internal police department correspondence. Rest assured, you are receiving top-quality transcription service with impeccable accuracy and unsurpassed attention to details.

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Way With Words’ standard transcription service is calculated on a per audio or video minute rate. Pricing depends on the turnaround time chosen and the add-on options selected. The longer the turnaround and the fewer the add-ons selected, the lower the price. Use our calculator below to get started ↴

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Additional Services

Our captioning rates are also calculated per video minute, while our custom audio to text solution pricing is negotiable – depending on your required volume and conditions of service.

Due to the critical nature of the transcription, the impact it has on a case, and the speed at which it is often required in the process of law enforcement, transcription cannot be left to administrative staff who are often distracted with their many administrative responsibilities. Furthermore, transcription cannot wait; agencies do not have the luxury of “getting around to it” when their staff members have spare time on their hands.

Our police transcription services offer solutions for by police departments, government security agencies, and private security firms. Our police transcription services transcribers are trained and experienced in transcribing interrogations, witness and victim interviews, 911 calls, internal affairs matters, radio communications.

Way With Words police transcription services are used in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, and Australia.