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Looking for accurate transcription of who said what in your focus group recordings? 

 Way With Words focus group transcription services provide an accurate text record of speakers and what they discussed so that you can easily capture the information you require for your further analysis.

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Focus Groups Transcribed Accurately

One treat to our clients is that, unlike most focus group transcription services, we do not have sliding scale costs that rise in accordance with the number of speakers in your focus group audio. Way With Words has one single, an up-front rate that applies for all your audio or video recordings of focus groups – be it two or more speakers. So whether you need a one-on-one interview transcribed or a focus group with a moderator and 17 participants discussing the merits of your service or product, the rate per audio minute will be the same.

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Easy to understand pricing

Similarly, we do not increase our focus group transcription services rates for difficult audio, whether that means many focus group respondents speaking all at once, or a mix of varied accents, or the moderator standing near to the mic with the participants far from the mic and sounding soft and distant – we simply do the very best we can with the audio you submit to us (read more about our recording guidelines).

Quick Tips For Recording Focus Groups

Here are some quick tips to ensure you have the best possible recording quality.
If you follow these three tips then your focus group recording and transcript will be perfect!

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Improve your focus group transcription by doing the following:

  • Test your recording device prior to the focus group.
  • Check that there are no background noises which might interfere with the focus group discussions.
  • Be certain that the recording device can pick up all the respondents’ voices. Those who are far from the mic will sound faint and distant and words often get lost.
  • If only the words matter, we are happy to identify the moderator as M and all the participants as P. We can also use MP for male participate and FP for a female participant.
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Speaker Identification

It is good practice to have all respondents clearly introduce themselves the first time they speak. Ideally, they should continue to state their first name each time they wish to speak and make a comment. Otherwise, our transcribers will do their best to differentiate between the speech of the various respondents and attribute the words to the correct speaker – not always an easy task, particularly if all the speakers are the same sex and from the same region of the world, all discussing the same topic!

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Please ask your participants to avoid speaking over one another, interrupting and cutting each other off. This will minimize the instances of [unclear] and [overtalking] that the transcriber would need to insert.

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    How Much Will it Cost?

    For transcription and captioning our rates are usually calculated per audio or video minute and depend on factors such as chosen turnaround time, volume and any add-on options (such as time codes). For custom solutions, our price is negotiable and will depend on the job as a whole.

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    What are the costs?

    Costs are calculated per recorded video minute.

    How long are quotes valid for?

    Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quotation. Save your job as a draft should you wish to complete your order at a later stage.

    How do I upload my files?

    Video files can be uploaded via our secure online workflow system. Get started here.

    What is returned to me?

    Once files have been processed, you will receive a notification with instructions on how to collect your caption files (.srt and .vtt) and accompanying transcript.

    Additional Services

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    Academic Transcription

    Clients include universities, teaching schools, academic institutions.

    Commonly used for academic research, field studies, postgraduate research collections, focus group recordings and analysis, institutional lectures and speeches, as well as academic presentations.

    Business Transcription

    Clients include companies and businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

    Commonly used for conference calls, earnings calls, management proceedings, market research strategies, stakeholder presentations, boardroom and corporate meetings, entrance or exit job interviews, AGMs as well as minute reports or memos.

    Conference Transcription

    Clients include event companies, businesses and government institutions that host conferences and workshops.

    Commonly used for conferences, seminars, and workshops that cover topics such as research methodology seminars, business development, entrepreneurship, technology, education, culture and community, finance, business models, corporate strategy, tourism, leadership, energy, environment, as well as medical research.

    Disciplinary Transcription

    Clients include human resource departments, managers, labour lawyers, unions, business and government.

    Commonly used for issues related to disabilities, discrimination, employee development, employee discipline, employee leave management, equal employment opportunity, harassment and special work arrangements.

    Financial Transcription

    Clients include corporations, merchant banks, regulatory bodies, building societies, accountants, compliance companies, business schools, finance advisers, webcast providers, management consultants and finance portals.

    Commonly used for forex consulting, wealth management advice, insurance agreements, finance brokering, banking, investor relations, earnings calls, annual financial and budget meetings, business surveys, interim company results, financial seminars and training sessions, analyst interviews, financial reports and company reports.

    Focus Group Transcription

    Clients include business services, marketing groups, PR companies, brand houses, research groups, academic institutions and government departments.

    Commonly used for roundtable discussions, surveys, market research, business discussions, brainstorming workshops, strategic planning sessions, academic research, meetings and group discussions.

    Government Transcription

    Clients include local, regional, federal, provincial, state and national governments.

    Commonly used for meetings, parliamentary discussions, public policy debates, public reports, cabinet or other government minutes and government research into its many programmes.

    Insurance Transcription

    Clients include insurance, medical and legal professionals and any other relevant or related claims experts.

    Commonly used for insurance recorded statements, insurance testimonials, insurance and damage reports, agent summaries, file interviews, notes on investigations and probes, summary reports, theft/property damage reports and insurance reports for property, casualty, holdings and assets.

    Interview Transcription

    Clients include professionals from various disciplines, including business people, lawyers, authors, journalists, students, researchers, recruiters, multimedia professionals, and police.

    Commonly used for research interviews, one-on-one interviews, job interviews, news/journalist interviews, radio interviews, focus group interviews, group discussions, legal interviews, market research, police interviews, teleconferences and telephone interviews.

    Investigation Transcription

    Clients include attorneys, police departments, detectives, private investigators, law firms and private individuals.

    Commonly used for police investigations, property investigations, insurance investigations, disciplinary hearings, crime scene investigation, forensic reports, taped confessions, surveillance recordings, wiretaps, fire and motor accidents, legal proceedings, hearings and private meetings, medical investigation and even scientific investigations.

    Legal Transcription

    Clients include law firms, law enforcement organisations, attorneys, police departments, detectives, private investigators and private individuals.

    Commonly used for general correspondence and memos, attorney dictation, deposition transcripts and recorded witness statements, medical-legal reports, debt collection, legal agreements, contracts, wills and trust documents, commercial and domestic conveyancing, medical negligence and personal injury, immigration, videotaped depositions or interviews, surveillance and investigative reports and telephone hearings.

    Market Research Transcription

    Clients include market researchers, marketing specialists, brand houses, businesses and government.

    Commonly used for collecting data from potential customers, focus groups, producers and service or product providers for evaluation or to capture insights from a wide variety of sources: focus groups, consumer forums, interviews, opinion polls on possible outcomes for a market strategy.

    Media Transcription

    Clients include broadcast companies, television studios, production houses, news journalists, newspapers, social media distribution agents, video creatives and podcasters.

    Commonly used for films, television shows, documentaries, adverts, promotional videos, training materials, news pieces, podcasts, radio broadcasts and talk shows.

    Medical Transcription

    Clients include doctors, nurses, administrators, medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare providers.

    Commonly used for keeping patient records, doctor dictated reports, procedures and notes, treatment history of patients, medical research interviews, healthcare research and medical findings.

    Podcast Transcription

    Clients include podcasters, media houses, radio stations, social media thought leaders and participants.

    Commonly used for webcast lectures, interviews, legal proceedings, sports events, audio library hosting, webcasts and television studio conferences.

    Police Transcription

    Clients include police departments, government security agencies, private security firms and other law enforcement agencies.

    Commonly used for suspect interviews, patrol reports, disciplinary hearings, tribunal hearings, victim interviews, witness statements, fire reports, emergency service phone calls, 911 or other emergency dispatch calls, memorandums and internal communications, surveillance footage and wiretaps, inmate or prisoner phone calls, and staff and departmental meetings.

    Sermon Transcription

    Clients include churches, prayer groups, bible study groups and other religious bodies.

    Commonly used for church lectures, religious coaching, church notes, church correspondence, prayer/study groups, ministry, gospel seminars and bible reading.

    Telecommunications Transcription

    Clients include individuals, business, and government.

    Commonly used for teleconferences, videoconferences, Skype, VOIP, WhatsApp or other software chat services.