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Conference Transcription Services


It’s good to have conference transcription services handy. Capturing important speeches,​ as well as critical debates and cutting-edge discussions is imperative. A keynote speaker often makes a memorable impression on conference delegates and audience members. But what about after the conference? What about those unable to attend? What about those who just missed a key point?


Way With Words conference transcription services will give you the time to relax and thoroughly enjoy the conference. No taking notes or straining to remember words spoken. The quality of our transcripts will give you the confidence that we will deliver accurate transcripts,​ on time. We offer audio transcription,​ video transcription or custom transcription services if you require something more specific for your conference.


What are the benefits of transcribing a conference? A conference organizer will diligently gather together specialists and interested parties on a regular basis to share information,​ discuss pertinent topics,​ and even debate cutting-edge ideas and concepts. Whether the conference is for interest topics or industry professionals,​ a transcript will:

  • further enhance the experience of a conference delegate,​
  • improve a web site’s search results that can lead to more visitors,​
  • give deaf or hard-of-hearing colleagues accessibility to all of the material presented at the conference,​
  • ensure an attendee at one session can still receive the material from a discussion running simultaneously,​
  • provide vital discussion points for reading after the event,​
  • allow anyone attending to listen attentively without taking notes,​
  • add value to reviews at follow-up meetings,​ discussions and analyses,​ and/or
  • secure a reader-ready document that can be used for marketing,​ PR,​ communications,​ and reviews.


Transcribing a conference is not only a sensible option for the delegates but also a lucrative option for conference organizers,​ who could offer conference delegates a transcript of the main discussion or breakaway sessions for a very low fee. Imagine the value to delegates who may have missed something but now have a transcript! Alternatively,​ an organizer could simply include the cost of having the transcript produced as part of the delegates’ conference costs. By offering transcripts to all delegates the conference company can also benefit as a “value for money” company.

Way With Word’s conference transcription services are used for many conferences to capture keynote speakers,​ Q&A sessions,​ and conference seminars accurately and precisely.


Way With Words also can offer a custom transcript to suit any requirement. For example,​ we can note applause,​ key quotes,​ and crowd participation. We can also isolate and identify each individual speaker,​ even with interruptions and over-talking. We research the conference topic and accurately transcribe the content and undertake quality checks for details.

Whatever the industry,​ Way With Words provides conference transcription services for your needs. We have over 15 years’ experience providing conference transcription services for conferences globally and in numerous industries. This means that while you can always convert audio to text yourself,​ with us you save time and will receive a meticulous conference transcript with our signature commitment to high quality and exceptional speed.


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