Marketing Transcription Services

You have hours and hours of Marketing content research in audio or video. So you ask, now what? Try our marketing transcription services for the advertising and brand industry. Have your marketing research, service or product interviews and even focus groups audio or video recordings transcribed. Select your format and choose when you want your transcripts ready for collection. Qualitative input is often regarded as key when considering the creative industries of advertising and marketing. While this is understandably so, don’t forget the benefits of keeping on record quantitative data assimilated from your hard work.

Our marketing transcription services help your business take it to the next level by processing transcripts that will help you make informed decisions with your next commercial action. With this in mind, our goal is to help you grow your business with the best marketing transcription services available, catered to suit your distinct needs.

Marketing transcription services are a necessary consideration for any company or service looking to outsmart the competition and have a significant impact on the corporate landscape. Your clients expect nothing but the best from your products and/or services, so why should you compromise when it comes to the records you keep?

Market Research Transcription Use Cases

Way With Words provides high-quality marketing transcription services, guaranteed to be as accurate as our service is friendly. We offer marketing transcription services that cater for the following requirements:

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Advertising Research
  • Marketing Feedback
  • Opinion Polling
  • Interviews
  • Group Recordings
  • Focus Groups
  • Recorded Phone Surveys
  • Consumer Forums
  • Customer Analysis Reviews
  • Competitor Analysis Sessions
  • Risk Analysis Sessions
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Product Research
  • Workshop Discussions
  • Conference Outcomes

Pricing and Packages

Way With Words offers you the flexibility to choose the package that works best for you. Do you have a product launch just around the corner and no hard copies of your market research to present? Take a look at our Express or 1-Day turnaround options. Gathering client opinion and want to have a copy for your records but on a budget? Take a look at our longer turnarounds.

Get Your Instant Quote Now

Way With Words’ standard transcription service is calculated on a per audio or video minute rate. Pricing depends on the turnaround time chosen and the add-on options selected. The longer the turnaround and the fewer the add-ons selected, the lower the price. Use our calculator below to get started ↴

Number of minutes to transcribe
Turnaround time
Time Coding  
Full Verbatim  
Rate Per Minute   $0.00
Deposit   $0.00
TOTAL: $0.00

Turnaround time
Time Coding  
Full Verbatim  
Rate Per Minute   $0.00
Deposit   $0.00
TOTAL: $0.00 Sales Tax N/A

Do you have something special in mind?

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Additional Services

Our captioning rates are also calculated per video minute, while our custom audio to text solution pricing is negotiable – depending on your required volume and conditions of service.

Whatever your needs, our marketing transcription services have you covered. Our transcribers are recruited, assessed and contracted through our jobs website to the highest standards, including expert subject knowledge, to ensure 99%+ accuracy for any marketing research recordings we are asked to transcribe.

Assure Your Clients!

Your clients rely on you to understand their message and needs. We know this and have tailored packages specifically to help you do just that – retain and deliver client opinion reliably and accurately.

No business in this day and age can afford to harm their brand through miscommunication. However, you can prevent this wholly undesirable situation by using only the best marketing transcription services available ;). It doesn’t matter whether your target audience is at the executive or entry level, we strive to provide you with nothing less than perfection when it comes to the quality of your transcript.

Days, months or years of careful preparation should not be ruined by a poor presentation at the final hurdle. Let your employees come up with the great, creative ideas and leave the presentation to us. Way With Words guarantees quality in “quantitative presentation”.