Why transcribe
video to text?

The Case to Transcribe Video To Text

Video transcription is a common service which marketers, presenters, and film producers often reach for in the final stages of production. We explore what makes the process to transcribe video to text unique from audio transcription, the many creative ways our clients use video transcription, and what to look for when choosing a video transcription service.

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Video Transcription Services

Video transcription converts speech in a TV, film, or video file to text form. Like its counterpart, audio transcription, video to text transcription requires careful listening skills and the ability to understand a variety of accents or dialects. A common example of video transcription is subtitling. This is the text which appears underneath the film as individuals speak. Closed captioning is another type of video subscription which records spoken words and other sounds in the video when the client requests it.

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Both may appear in full verbatim (unedited) or in intelligent verbatim (removing stutters, repeated words or ums).

Subtitling and closed captioning are two examples of post-production support which are commonly offered by transcription services. Such support is an excellent way to give a film, documentary, or YouTube video a professional and polished edge. However, video transcriptions don’t have to always appear on the screen. Many professionals use video transcription to have a written record of what was said during an interview, especially if it will be difficult to share or view the actual video later. Further, on the internet, blogs may use transcriptions of their YouTube videos as part of their site’s content.

Transcribe Video to Text for SEO

Video content is the biggest marketing channel in existence. Last year alone, more videos were created than any other form of content. Despite this, video search is still largely in its budding state, relying heavily on written content and social media sharing to get discovered. Like with images, search engines can’t search the content of videos directly. This is why video-to-text transcription is incredibly valuable for a site’s SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which website owners use to make their sites easier to find on Google. It relies on the keywords used in web content, matching what users are typing in their online searches. The better a site’s SEO is, the more likely it will appear close to the top.

SEO-ready video transcription can help drive a video to a higher spot in the search engine rankings. The closer a video is to the top video results, the higher its chances of getting more organic views.

Way With Words’ standard transcription service is calculated on a per video minute rate. Pricing depends on the turnaround time chosen and the add-on options selected. The longer the turnaround and the fewer the add-ons selected, the lower the price.

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Use Cases For Video Transcription

Video transcription has many creative uses, limited by imagination. We’ve covered the biggest ways our clients use video transcription: to boost SEO of an existing video, as part of the post-production support of a film, and for record-keeping purposes. However, others who have successfully leveraged video transcription for a myriad of purposes include:

A blogger who turns their YouTube video transcription into an eBook.

A performer who uses subtitling in a sign language video.

A private investigator who analyzes an interviewee’s body language alongside their words.

A musician who uses video transcription software to transcribe impromptu lyrics while he plays.

An instructor closed captioning the walk-through of a technical process in a video.

A teacher creating audio-visual lessons for an online class.

And many more…

Transcribing Video To Text Is for Everyone

It’s not just marketers and film producers who benefit from transcribing video to text. Anyone who creates video content can leverage the versatility of video-to-text transcription to enhance their users’ experience.

Transcribe Video To Text – Considerations

We’ve shown that video transcription is much more than simply writing down what is heard. Different projects require a different set of skills. Therefore, here are a few key considerations when choosing a video transcription provider to transcribe video to text for you:

1. Production proficiency

Since so much of video transcription happens as a part of the post-production process of a video, working with a transcriptionist familiar with these processes streamlines the editing process.

2. Intelligent versus full verbatim

Is it necessary for a full verbatim transcription? If so, consider a service that can transcribe video to text that has experience leaving absolutely nothing out. Similarly, video transcription which should be edited to appear more polished will need a different professional.

3. Value

While it may be tempting to select the cheapest provider around, it’s better to consider the services provided for the price. What comes with the service and how the provider charges can make a big difference in the long-term price.

4. Accuracy

All transcriptions should be accurate, regardless of whether they are intelligent or full verbatim. Look for a service with a demonstrated track record in presenting transcriptions that reflect what was truly said.

5. Format Options

Will this transcription turn into subtitles or get posted online? That will affect the desired format. A good video transcription service will provide several document formatting options for the greatest flexibility and ease of use.

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Best Transcription Services

As you see (or hear) there are numerous transcription services. Many would agree that these are the best transcription services to use. They all help increase your efficiency and save you time.