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University transcription service by Way With Words

The University Transcription Service of Choice

Whether you have a research project,​ a focus group or a recorded lecture and want a usable transcript,​ the highly rated Way With Words university transcription service is the way to go! Who shall I use?

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Since 2001 Way With Words has been providing students,​ lecturers and professors of various international universities and tertiary education institutions with superior quality transcripts.

Digitizing your lectures? No problem!
Multiple interviews to analyze? We’re on it!

Our university transcription service will leave you with more time to focus on your studies and academia,​ cutting out the hours of tedious (to the untrained!) typing and listening you would otherwise have to do yourself.

Meet Your Exact Needs Today

With 16 years’ experience in the field,​ we know our university transcription service clients often have specific needs. That’s why we offer turnaround times ranging from EXPRESS (under 24 hours,​ for when you’ve left it to the last minute!) to 10 or more days. The best part is you choose the deadline you need.

Not only that,​ but we offer you multiple format options as well. Need a smartened transcript of your lecture without all the unnecessary verbosity? We’ve got you covered. Need a Full Verbatim transcript to capture those all-important “um”s and “ah”s? We can do that too!

Be Assured about Security And Confidentiality

If you’re worried your crucial audio (or video) might fall into the wrong hands,​ you can rest easy. The way your information is handled when you use our university transcription service is through secure RSA 2048-bit SSL Encryption (that’s pretty secure!). This extends not just to your submission,​ but also the storage of your files in our workflow system,​ which are automatically removed after 30-60 days. So our audio transcription is secure and should give you peace of mind!

But what about our transcribers? Not only do we have our transcribers sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements,​ with transcribers assessed,​ trained,​ vetted and contracted to us from all over the world through our transcription jobs portal. They apply from a range of backgrounds,​ so we are almost certain we have someone to transcribe your file with a background in your field or subject research. Using our university transcription service means a professional will accurately transcribe almost anything you upload to us.

And with our university transcription service being used by such institutions as Harvard,​ Oxford,​ KCL,​ UCL,​ London School of Economics,​ University of Sydney,​ Northumbria,​ Essex,​ Portsmouth,​ Singapore University,​ and many more tertiary institutions from around the world,​ you know you’re getting top-notch quality from a reliable source. As an added bonus,​ when utilizing our university transcription service we request a University PO number instead of a 50% deposit! And yes,​ that even applies if you’re using us for the first time!

Start Now!

So what are you waiting for? Need your audio file to text (or video)? Grab a quote for our first-class university transcription service today! Visit our home page or click the link below. See you soon!

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