Machine Transcription Polishing

What languages do you edit?

We provide almost all English-language dialect Machine Transcription Polishing (MTP) support. Other languages are considered on a case-by-case basis.

What files do you accept?

Nearly all audio files and text formats are acceptable.

The file size is capped at 2GB. If your file is larger than 2GB, please shrink the file size. A search on the internet for an audio or video file size reducer should yield multiple results.

What volume of Machine Transcription can you polish?

For English, we polish anywhere from 100 audio hours up to 1,000 audio hours monthly for clients. Larger volumes can be discussed. For orders that require regular monthly volumes over 250 audio hours, we initially require a short period of time to scale up the MTP solution to meet the required volume in an agreed period.

For other languages, we start with a smaller initial volume to align our operations process with recruiting, assessing, contracting, training and vetting our language MTP team to the clients’ requirements.

Do you sign service level agreements (SLA) ?

For ongoing work, we prefer to work with an SLA. The SLA sets out a clear timetable that includes an initialisation period to set up the required team and logistics for your work. The SLA also covers terms and conditions related to the work and data privacy.

If a client requires ongoing work, over an agreed period, Way With Words also usually provides a dedicated MTP team with management oversight, recruitment, selection, assessment, training processes and any other logistical assistance to aid the bespoke requirement.

Who edits the Machine Transcripts?

Once we understand the client’s exact needs and finalise terms of service, we recruit/assess and contract our MTP transcribers specifically for the client’s job. We ensure the team meets the agreed polishing requirements.

Way With Words’ reputation is based on a very selective process to contract a highly professional MTP transcription team. We match the client’s job requirements with the best possible skilled MTP transcribers to ensure your machine transcripts are corrected exactly the way you require.

For all work, we also provide a dedicated manager to oversee your work on a daily basis.


How do you ensure accuracy?

Once the first transcribers are in place we start polishing the machine transcripts. While doing so, we introduce a series of quality control steps in the workflow cycle to ensure all data processes for receiving, processing and returning client work are 100% in accordance with the agreed requirements. We also monitor all the processes to ensure strict adherence to the data requirements of the client.

How do you manage variations of dialect/language?

In the case of ongoing work (Service Level Agreements), clients often need MTP for variations in a language dialect from job to job. This, in turn, requires an adjustment in the MTP transcriber team to ensure that any new dialect is accurately matched with the right MTP transcribers. Client communication ahead of time about any changes in language dialect allows us to proactively prepare for speech adjustments and ensure an appropriate MTP team.

If MTP is required for a new language, not in an existing agreement, then this will be discussed with the client as a new project.

Are my files confidential?

Yes. Your files remain your property.

We process highly confidential matters on a daily basis for our global clients. We take numerous measures to ensure client confidentiality, including:

  • Client-tailored Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Contracts for Way With Words’ management, staff and contractors which include strict confidentiality and data protection clauses.
  • Password protection and encryption.

Secure server for uploading.

Is Way With Words Data Compliant?

We have, on many occasions, carried out extremely sensitive work for various government agencies, financial institutions and research marketing companies. We fulfil a number of data compliance requirements, including those prescribed by the GDPR and the DPA 2018. For more information please see the footer below.

Who are your transcribers?

We receive thousands of transcriber applications monthly through our dedicated job portal. Our transcribers are chosen after a rigorous process of testing and training on their abilities to research, understand and comply with our very strict operational, quality control and knowledge requirements.

How are your transcribers contracted?

Our transcribers are required to sign agreements containing strict confidentiality and data protection clauses. Should a client require specific confidentiality terms we can review these on a case-by-case basis.

How much does it cost?

Our machine polishing transcription rate is calculated per audio minute.

Complete our Machine Transcription Polishing Form to get price options.