Insurance Transcription Services


Ensure everyone is covered with a top quality insurance transcript by using insurance transcription services provided by Way With Words. Yes, this is (an unashamedly) short promotion to make you aware we provide transcription for insurance statements, insurance and damage reports, agent summaries and file interviews.


Providing insurance transcription services is about producing accurate records. Any insurance claim requires the amassing of large amounts of relevant information, which then has to be collated and synthesized into some form of a summary.


Insurance transcription services for damage reports or agent summaries are provided by Way With Words for any number of voices for the same rate (why pay for two voices when you only want one?). Our insurance transcribers have years of experience and we can turn these around on a timeframe and budget of your choosing.

Use our insurance transcription services are used for interviews of various kinds that form an important part of insurance transcription. We can include both the interviewee (such as the insurance claimant) and the interviewer (the assessor) in these transcripts, or simply omit the interviewer if he/she is reading from a prepared script and the questions are not of interest. It is entirely up to you, the client, as to how the transcript is produced.

As keywords, terminology, and place-names may differ, you might want to take advantage of the fact that Way With Words employs the skills of transcribers from every continent but Antarctica (although if you know anyone there who needs a job…).

Our contractors come from a broad range of backgrounds, including financial, business, legal, academia and medical, and can, therefore, operate knowledgeably in a variety of fields. If there’s a field of expertise or country of origin that you’d prefer, feel free to specify it as part of your upload instructions and we’ll do our best to ensure your needs are met.