Transcription Services Definition

transcription services definition: /tranˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n ˈsəːvɪsɪs/ noun – “The utility offered by a company whereby audio is securely and reliably converted into text”.


Any transcription services definition requires consistently high-quality transcripts. If you consider accuracy, speed, and any personal requirements important for having your audio or video recordings transcribed, then read on. If you know what you are looking for and are here to compare various transcription services then simply click on the link below to start.


  • AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION: All English accents or dialects transcribed. Any audio files accepted.
  • VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: English audio and on-screen descriptions. TV, films, webinars, as well as video.
  • CUSTOM TRANSCRIPTION: Bespoke solutions for English transcription available. New partnerships.


That’s our motto. Way With Words‘ transcription services has been defined by processing thousands of client transcription requests since 2001 and has one of the best transcription brand reputations globally. Simply put, we transcribe your audio or video to text in the specific format you require – accurately.

Our users range from film and video producers and social researchers to academics and attorneys; from CEOs in business and doctors undertaking consultations or medical research to conference organisers, financial brokers and bankers, even police officers and media journalists. What do all of these professions have in common? They have all been using our transcription services for almost 15 years. And there are several reasons why the Way With Wordstranscription services definition stands out from the crowd.


When you finally choose our transcription services, getting your file transcribed is very simple:

  1. INSTANT QUOTE: Just upload your audio or video recordings and watch the total price change in front of you. Select various options, such as turnarounds, to change the price.
  2. HAPPY? Just continue to upload and confirm the uploaded files are all correct. First-time user? Pay a small deposit to secure your first job.
  3. COMPLETE YOUR DETAILS: fill in a short form (it’s very short) with your personal and billing details. Your personal and secure account is instantly created!
  4. VOILA! COLLECT TRANSCRIPT: As soon as your transcripts are completed, you will get an email letting you know. Just visit your account and collect them.


We enlist independent contractors from all across the globe, meaning we always have the perfect transcriber available to precisely capture every nuance of your audio or video speech, whether it’s a focus group discussing a product or a dictation recording of your novel made during your daily commute.

While you consider specific transcription services, we know that subject matter is important to you. With such a broad pool of transcribers available, you can rest assured that we have someone on hand that is qualified or experienced in your field. And since most of our transcribers are career transcribers who apply to work for us from around the world, you know you’re getting the best ears available to work on your behalf.


WE ENSURE ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy should clarify this. And if security and privacy are major factors in your selection of any transcription services then you’ll be glad to know that all of our transcribers and staff sign a Confidentiality Agreement. To top that off, if you have your own NDA, we will get our transcribers to sign that as well, further ensuring the security of your data.


Most companies that offer transcription services dictate the timeframe in which a document will be produced or over-promise fast transcripts using machine or live time transcription solutions that inevitably need to be corrected (or you need to edit) – taking more time and effort on your part.

But not us! We value you as a client and we know that some files may be more important than others or your budget may be a little tight. For that reason, we offer you a selection of turnaround times at affordable rates and you pick how much you’re willing to spend. We use human transcriber teams worldwide and the latest technology to ensure you get the most efficient yet accurate processes. Need something back almost live time? Go for our Express rate. Wallet looking a little light? Just look at our longer turnaround transcription services.

The only other choice you should have to make when selecting any transcription service is a format your resulting document should take. Luckily for you, we offer a variety of formats from Full Verbatim (every word and sound is transcribed) to Smart (the document is neatened for immediate presentation).

Every transcript comes with two free timestamps per page but if that’s not enough, you can always opt for Time Coding. And even if you find our formats don’t quite offer what you need, you’re always able to let us know and we will format it in the way you want it. What are you waiting for?